Saturday, November 28, 2009

RCMP/ Military Police watchdogs won't be reappointed

This news is the follow-up to two previous posts.

First- RCMP has solved the mystery of the Mint's missing Gold (it was there all along)
The federal government will not be reappointing (RCMP Watchdog) Paul Kennedy as the chair of the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP.
Kennedy, whose last day on the job will be Dec. 31, reportedly would have accepted another term. He was interested in seeing through anticipated new legislation to bring in a civilian oversight agency for the RCMP.
Kennedy recently completed an investigation into the death of Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver International Airport and has investigated in-custody deaths, Taser use and how Mounties investigate themselves

How Mounties investigate themselves? They don't.
What that sentence should have said, How Mounties cover-up for themselves.
As they did in the case of Robert Dziekanski.

Besides canning the RCMP watchdog, military police complaints commissioner Peter Tinsley, also gone.

Tinsley, whose term also expires next month and will not be renewed, also wanted to stay on because of his ongoing inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees.
His ongoing inquiry? The ruling government doesn't want that to continue.
There in the spin, denial, and kill the messenger mode.
But, as in my previous post how can they deny? Seriously?
They have been aware for years of this problem.
Dutch raised concerns over conditions in 2006
Mackay's office got Red Cross warnings about Afghan treatment
Diplomat not alone to sound alarm on detainees: Amnesty
Why You Shouldn't Shoot the Messenger

Accountability. Something the governing party campaigned on. So much for campaign promises.

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