Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RCMP has solved the mystery of the Mint's missing Gold

You may or may not remember the gold that had gone missing from Canada's Mint?
$15.3 Million dollars worth of gold, unaccounted for.

"Junior Transport Minister Rob Merrifield, who's responsible for the mint, called in the RCMP on June 9 after he learned that an audit would not "rectify the problem" of the missing gold. That's about 10 weeks after the government first learned of the missing gold"

Maybe it is just me, and I could be mistaken - sure. But the RCMP is such a politicized agency, by politicized I mean, they do the work of the political bodies, the government.
I gotta question there use in this situation.
Recalling, it was the government that told the Mint to call in the RCMP

The mint has asked the RCMP to help account for the mystery metals after being told by the government to call in the Mounties.

However the RCMP, has got their man, or in this case they have resolved the issue of the missing gold.

Mint officials double-counted some gold bullion they sold, and also underestimated the shrinkage of the gold during processing."

Mystery solved.


  1. Well, it's a good thing the gov't let us know all the gold is there . . . they would never lie to us. So, it's all good right?

    It doesn't have to even be a "politicised" entity, it just has to be properly controlled. And, it helps that when in an organisation like the RCMP, that higher political office is a natural next step . . . if you do and say the right things to compromise yourself so that all of the stuff that you know about certain politicians that compromise them evens out somehow.

    The RCMP, I know for a fact (have a relative who was way high up in their network) stops at a certain level, when they know they can't prosecute someone for fraud, embezzlement, etc. They stopped with Mulroney, for this reason.

    A gov't self imposed audit to find missing gold? Seriously?


  2. Yeah, I am not entirely comfortable with this scenario.
    Why did the Federal Government tell the Mint to call in the RCMP?
    Why didn't the Mint call in the Ottawa police, surely Ottawa has it's own police force?

    Couldn't they do the "investigation"?

    Or maybe the better question is could they not conduct a cover-up if that is what was required.

    It seems to me that fact that more then 15 million dollars of gold that was missing,unaccounted for by all the usual methods was somehow really there all that time?????
    Was it accounted for using unusual methods?