Friday, November 27, 2009

Ukraine: IMF loans &TB or Swine Flu ? An e-mail to F William Engdhal

Recall November 18th/09, I put this post up. Ukraine Pandemic: TB and IMF Loans connected.
A post linking F William Engdhals excellent article and a Cambridge study linking IMF loans and exploding Tuberculosis.
I took the time to send an e-mail to F William Engdhal, telling him that this study shores up the theory put forward in his article.
Here is the e-mail(typos and all)
Nov 18 (8 days ago)

Hello Mr. Engdahl:

I just wanted to draw your attention to something I came across. It relates to the very interesting article you wrote and I posted some of it on my blog.
But then I followed it up with a most interesting story that ties nicely into what you wrote.
This is the link to my blog

Within that post there are a number of links but the one that I thought might interest you is the link between a rise in tuberculosis linked to dependance on IMF loans.

Given the Ukraines financial situation, they may not want that kind of information to get out.
It may negatively impact their loan from the IMF, It will cast the IMF in a negative light.

BTW: I thought your article on the Ukraine situatiion was the best I had read yet!
Thanks for it.
I often listen to you and read your articles on Global Research
Thanks for your Time

As of yesterday at Global Research this article was published
While everyone is calling it “Swine Flu” and the WHO using it to spread their panic and untested vaccines, there is strong evidence that the deaths—almost all from pulmonary conditions—are from a rising incidence of Tuberculosis (TB). Now a Cambridge University study shows that there is a close correlation between rise in TB and the severe austerity measures that go with IMF loans. Are the Ukraine ‘Black Death’ cases the result of Ukraine’s IMF loans?

While attention is turned to the non-proven H1N1 as cause of a recent wave of illnesses and even some deaths across Ukraine, few if any have bothered to look at the public health consequences of Ukraine’s program with the International Monetary Fund. When the global financial crisis erupted into a systemic crisis in September 2008, one of the countries most devastated was Ukraine, where foreign lending had created an untenable speculative bubble that burst with a vengeance leaving the Ukraine currency falling like a stone and bankruptcies everywhere in one of Europe’s poorest countries.

In November 2008 Ukraine applied to the IMF in Washington for an emergency $16.4 billion loan.
Read it all at the above link!

I know not long after that e-mail was sent, I did have some hits from Germany, where I believe Mr. Engdhal resides.
I am happy he followed up on this topic, and since he is read by a much wider audience then myself, I am very pleased that this information will spread farther and wider then just the readers at my blog.
The more widespread this type of information is, the better informed we all are!
Good Job!


  1. Well done!

    You are truly a great little digger Penny!

  2. Thanks maggie, that connection was to good not to pass on.

  3. Penny, you really do have a mind for this. Maybe when the dust settles it will be YOU we see on an honest 60 Minutes.

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