Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update: David Nozette, the man who would sell secrets to Israel

David Nozette, arrested for espionage has been denied bail.
His asking price to tell all was 2 million US dollars.

Rather low in my opinion, I would have thought these state secrets would have gone for more. Movie stars often get paid more for wedding and baby pictures, maybe it is all relative, I don't know?

He has plead NOT GUILTY to the charges.

"He smiled as his defense attorney greeted him, and he seemed relaxed during the proceeding."

In arguing against the bond a tape was played in the courtroom.

"I like the idea of an invisible identity," Nozette was heard saying in the recording. "Can you actually get me that, that artificial name and stuff?" He discussed gift cards under an alias, and a "kitty" that he could use for expenses

Interesting to note:

Prosecutors Thursday initially said they would present a witness to authenticate the videotape. But the judge accepted the government's claim and a transcript and allowed the eight-minute recording to be played.

Continuing with the tape

Nozette, responding on the videotape to the agent's suggestion that arrangements would involve "a lot of work," told the agent, "This isn't just, you know, a few documents. ... I'm making a career choice."

The camera in the undercover video is positioned over that agent's right shoulder, looking directly at Nozette. When the agent asked whether the negotiations were only for himself, Nozette said yes, and suggested his wife would not accompany him.

"She would ask too many questions," Nozette said.

So, he was going to ditch the wife?

According to this story, he could face execution.

"A top US scientist who once worked for the Pentagon and Nasa could face execution for allegedly offering to sell secrets to Israel for $2 million (£1.2 million), according to documents filed in federal court."

Given his relaxed appearance that would seem not to be a concern.

This is also interesting:

"There has to be a reason to initiate these type of complicated [sting] operations, as there was in this case," says a senior government official familiar with the details of the case.
Indeed, Nozette had attracted attention from the feds several years ago, after an internal investigation by NASA revealed alleged financial irregularities at a nonprofit organization he ran, the Alliance for Competitive Technology. In 2006, the Maryland U.S. attorney's office subpoenaed bank records from the group, which had several government contracts.

It would seem there is much more to this then meets the eye.


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    As for Nozette, Aangirfan had some interesting things to say in terms of what US law enforcement is reduced when it comes to make a case against anyone Jewish.

    Otherwise, remember how excited we were when those AIPAC motherfuckers were arrested? And...

  5. er... 'reduced TO when it comes to makING a case against anyone Jewish.'

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    As far as Nozette goes, well he didn't really do anything wrong, since Israel is our friend and ally, so let's save money, time and embarrassment and just let the poor guy go.

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