Friday, November 6, 2009

Vitamin D for Influenza and more....

I see the news today is touting the benefits of Vitamin D.

A couple of years back, my apparently progressive doctor suggested taking additional vitamin D because the research on it, particularly for cancer prevention had been very good, very promising.

As a society we are massively deficient in this vitamin. Why?
Because, we have forgotten we need to go outdoors. But, not just that we need to be outdoors, as mammals we are designed to get our Vitamin D outdoors from the sun.

Sadly, to many of us don't go outside. Choosing instead to stay indoors, in front of tv's, video games & computer screens.

I think all the staying indoors has made us a sickly bunch.
Soon, far too many of us are going to look like these guys - Morlocks

We will become less then we should be because our psyches don't get recharged from being outdoors. That, however is a story for another day and another post.

So let's enjoy a flash back on some previous posts and links on this very subject.

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And let's look at the news today

H1N1 or swine flu:
Protect yourself from H1N1
Why vitamin D may prevent H1N1

Cancer fighting:
Doctors start to include vitamin D in fight against cancer
Vitamin D Lacking in Breast Cancer Patients

Multiple Sclerosis
Schoolboy campaigner backs vitamin D summit

Get healthy, get outdoors, eat a healthy diet.

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