Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What killed Evan Frustaglio?

This is interesting. Apparently this was not reported in English - Canada.
The link is here in French

Put into Google Translate it turns into this.


De quoi est mort le jeune Evan? What died young Evan?

Mise à jour : 31/10/2009 13h38 Updated: 31/10/2009 13h38

The health authorities have an update on causes of death of Evan Frustaglio, Ontario this young hockey player died last week.

L'adolescent de 13 ans avait d'abord été diagnostiqué du virus de la grippe A (H1N1). Puis, on avait laissé entendre qu'il pouvait avoir été atteint de la méningite. The 13 year old was first diagnosed with influenza virus A (H1N1). Then we had suggested he might have been suffering from meningitis.

Comme il y avait bien de l'ambiguïté, le directeur national de la santé publique est revenu sur ce cas. Il nous a informés que les parents ne souhaitaient pas demander une autopsie. As there was much of the ambiguity, the national director of public health is back on the case. He told us that parents do not wish to request an autopsy.

Nous n'aurons donc pas de confirmation à savoir si la grippe A (H1N1) qui est à l'origine de son décès. We shall therefore have no confirmation whether the influenza A (H1N1) that is responsible for his death.

Which is interesting because in the week of his death, I noticed Public Health Canada's tracking website had reduced by one, the number of deaths in Ontario for that week, there had been 3 and then there was 2. Was it Evan's death? It would appear to be because there has been no confirmation of H1N1 according to this article.

And, yes it is entirely possible the parent's are completely unaware. The initial diagnosis was H1N1, and they must have been so distraught. So horrifically distraught....


  1. Here's the thing (great find btw) - have how many of these cases are being misdiagnosed? I thought there was a case in England? If his condition was actually menningitis (sp)then could the delay be attributed to false diagnosis, partly due to the increased paranoia?

    Could there be liability here?


  2. Hey Buff, who really knows, I mean, who really knows.

    I admit to finding it curious this was reported in the Quebec Press, in French, not in Ontario in English.

    Because the boy's death was timely and advantageous to the vaccine pushing agenda, and as I already stated the media milked it shamelessly.

  3. It would seem that the hospital/health department don't want an autopsy. If they wanted it, they would have it, no question.

    They don't want to know the result. Or perhaps better put, they don't want the public to know the answer.

    That means that the answer is not H1V1 to start with as they are very keen to promote all deaths, imagined or otherwise, from this disease.

    But a mere negative result on H1V1 is not damaging in itself so would not account for the reluctance for a post mortem which would be indicated if the boy died from unknown causes; which, presumably, is also not the case because I'm sure a post mortem would be legally required in those circumstances.

    I can only think that the hurried and hopeful diagnosis of swine flu caused the death of the young boy because it delayed the proper treatment of a now known cause and something that should have been obvious from the beginning. Meningitis is an often fatal disease and would fit this scenario.

    So, yes, good find, indeed, Penny

  4. Umm . . . that should read H1N1 not H1V1!

  5. With the New Science employed by the brainwashed folk of today, you don't need proof - just faith, and trust.

    The first thing I said outloud while reading about this Evan kid, was, "How do they know if it's H1N1 if no autopsy was done?". People stopped, paused, and I could already see their minds try to gloss over this little fact about a need for proof.

    People don't want to believe their corporate gov't is lying to them. They don't want to live in a cynical world where they realise that they are abused serfs living in a rich kingdom. Yeah, life is pretty good for most, but they keep it that way because productivity is kept at optimum levels. It doesn't make it any less free, or controlled.

    These vaccines are snake oil.

  6. I thought about this one last night, because Health Canada proclaimed the edict of diagnosing everyone with influenza like symptoms as having "swine flu". This action was inevitably going to result in incorrect diagnosis.

    It is not possible, not realistic that everyone with flu like symptoms has swine flu, there are other causes of these types of symptoms.
    Public Health canada did a huge disservice to Canadians in order to sell a pandemic and justify the vaccine dollars.
    slozo, I am glad you saw this one as I recalled you specifically mentioning it.

  7. one more thing, was chatting with someone yesterday who recalled reading one of the symptoms reportedly Evan displayed was a sore neck

    Now it is possible, he was achy from being sick, I won't discount that, however if you read the symptoms used to diagnose swine flu, sore neck isn't one of them

    When she reminded me of that, I thought, I recall that also...

    "Complaining of a sore neck and throat"

    This is interesting also:
    The father talking about the rash his son had.

    "He had a sort of heat rash on his leg"

    Meningitis has a rash associated with it.

    Important Facts About Meningitis Rash

  8. hmmm rash, sore neck.. quick demise.

    Sure sounds like meningitis to me.

    google results for misdiagnosis of swine flu in england

    I recalled hearing something about this months ago.

    Seems to be the case more than a few times.

  9. As far as I am concerned we will NEVER have accurate numbers on how many people actually came down with or died from H1N1, because no one is testing for it. Currently in the Niagara Region of Ontario, the ONLY way a patient can actually be tested for H1N1 (have an analysis done on a swab of your mucous membrane) is if he/she is a hospital in-patient. So if you have the flu, and if you go to the hospital, and if they actually admit you (being in Emerg is not being admitted)and if they decide to test you, then you might be able to find out if you actually have the H1N1 virus. That is alot of "ifs". And since Public Health Canada is telling doctors to diagnose ANY Influenza-Like Illness as H1N1, the numbers are just racking up without anyone actually being tested.

  10. "And since Public Health Canada is telling doctors to diagnose ANY Influenza-Like Illness as H1N1, the numbers are just racking up without anyone actually being tested."

    all the better to cause the fear and justify the vaccine.