Sunday, December 6, 2009

Altamont - 40 Years Later

California Dreaming on such a winter's day.......
Altamont the concert that went horribly wrong? Or maybe horribly right? The concert that ended a decade, solidified the Stones as rock "bad boys"- devil worship and all.....

His Satanic Majesty

A couple of good reads
40th anniversary of the Altamont concert

"But Altamont was the first major cataclysm that indicated, 'Hey, the whole peace-and-love thing is not the future course of America. "
Rolling Stone guitarist Brian Jones death to be re-examined
Brian Jones died or was murdered right before the '69 tour that ended at Altamont.

And a post I had a heck of a lot of fun with, don't miss the clear Altamont reference.
Don Mcleans -American Pie- through my eyes


  1. "California Dreaming on such a winter's day......."

    Thats probably one of my favorite tunes.

    I was thinking along its lines this morning. All I want is peace, a well stocked refridgerator and good woman that treats me well. We should all have that. I'm tired of fighting.

  2. I'm coming Doug... All I want is peace, I have a well stocked refrigerator and I love to cook! I do carpentry, plumbing, gardening and have a good sense of humour, at least according to me!!


    Penny - your blog is now Doug and mine's dating site!!


  3. Amazing!
    Marking the anniversary of Altamont.

    We should be burying it out of place out of mind. I am ashamed that I react to it at all.
    (But here I am out of stealth)
    The drummer for the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watt is jesish. That from Google
    Charlie Watts
    Not that that matters, it was just something I stumbled upon the other day.
    Penny, you can count on me for a comment when you post these hippie, counter culture, 60's, Laural Canyon pieces you so deliciously dangle as bait.
    Thank you.

  4. Peter, glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.
    But, you should check out anything Mkultra also.
    I am thinking MKUltra played a large role in the '60's counterculture movement, both the creation and the crushing of it.
    IMHO anyway.

  5. I was a fan of the music of that era.

    Readers of this site know that Penny loves Dave McGowan. I have taken the LC trip and may never recover.
    I suggest you take the long and winding humorous mind blowing trip too.
    Inside the LC, The Strange and mostly...

    If you already understand how NWO types create control and use protest movements to further their own goals, you will be receptive to the McGowan doctrine. Link at the top of the Penny page to the McGowan site.
    PS Dave, get the fcuk off the moon and get back to LC, would ya?

  6. Sure Buffers, you can come by anytime. I love to eat and watch other people work.

  7. LOL Doug!! Eat and watch others work... hee hee.

    Penny, I really find all the LC stuff majorly depressing. I cannot listen to 'my' music anymore (especially FRANK) without my drifting off to the nefarious deeds behind so MUCH of this. At least with Frank, his satire of the whole thing I think is good.

    Ignorance is bliss, and in this case I wish I were still a bit 'ignorant'.

    Tell me though, do you think that many were simply 'useful idiots' who really didn't know how they were being manipulated and used?

    (Oh and Doug - if I do drive out to see ya - YOU'LL be the one cooking dinner darling! ;))


  8. Yes Doug, commenting IS hard work, that's why I am so negligent in following up.
    Nevertheless, I will follow up her as agonizing as it is to type and think ;)
    LC trip was infinitely more rewarding as a read then NASA. My guess is the LC Trip had a deeply intrinsic element thusly making the read enjoyable rather then arduous which is what I found reading NASA.

    Of course McGowans main thrus was the manipulation by the elites of the hippe movement. This link captures much of what McGowan writes about from a "Western Historical" perspective.

    If this description of pagan cult ceremonies dating back to the Egyptian Isis priesthood of the third millennium B.C. reads like a journalistic account of a "hippy be-in" circa 1969 A.D., it should. The counterculture that was foisted on the 1960s adolescent population is not merely analogous to the ancient Cult of Isis. It is a literal resurrection of the Isis cult — down to the popularization of the Isis cross as the counterculture's most frequently used symbol.
    the above is from this link
    (you guys make me work so hard, I am a simple blue collar boy with a really bad education)

  9. OK. (You may want to grab something to eat on the way...just in case 8-))

    Actually with the internet, anyone can cook. Or is that the sound of an ameteur ?

  10. I met Neil Young and shared a little of the herb with him while espousing 9/11 conspiracy theories back in 2001. These people don't know any more than anyone else. Young laughed at me for saying 9/11 was an inside job- thought I was a nutter. He was not anywhere near realizing anything was a conspiracy, and certainly no idiot.

    I also met and talked with Joni Mitchell for a while. Again, perfectly ordinary- I had no idea who she actually was until we were into talking.

  11. Young & Mitchell, BOTH Canadians.
    Lotsa Cannucks milling about here.

  12. Hey Buff, I know what you mean, sort of takes the magic out of the idea, rebellion and music.

    For me, it was the Doors.
    The music great, Jim Morrison easy on the eyes ;)
    Now every time I hear a Doors song, I think Laurel Canyon, MKUltra and all that stuff.

    I think there were some useful idiots.

    Peter-Isis Cult?
    I gotta check it out.

  13. Doug

    "Actually with the internet, anyone can cook. Or is that the sound of an ameteur ?

    no, I can cook, and have cooked.

    Lots of great recipes on the net for sure.

  14. I know, I look on the web all the time. I learned how to properly cook a roast and how to properly fry a steak. If you know how, fried steak is delicious.

    Cooking meat is the hardest part.

  15. I guess you just have to "watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow" when you listen to old music. My favorites now are REM and Crash Test Dummies. They are actually "old" now.