Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Carbon Capture and Storage- Who are the players?

Carbon capture and storage
The science and technology behind CCS is already manifest, but has not yet been implemented with the intention of reducing CO2 emissions on a large scale.

Question: Will it ever be implemented for that intent?

Question: Who are the main players in the Carbon Capture Storage Business?

"The main players in CCS are multinational oil and gas companies (ExxonMobil, Shell, Total, Statoil and others)"

I am certain it will be highly profitable for them, or else why would they do it?

Another article:

Britain’s Carbon Capture and Sequestration Experiment

CCS will rely on collaboration between industries.

What Industries?

Scottish Power’s partnerships for example: they fund CCS research at Edinburgh University and are trying to secure a similar relationship with Imperial College in London which is great from an academic perspective but does little in the short-term for the economy. Its consortium partners for the Longannet bid include Shell, National Grid and the Norwegian-based engineering firm, Aker Clean Carbon.

Another interesting read here

Big Oil wants the deal at Copenhagen.
How about coal- clean coal?
From Discover Jan/Feb 2010- you'll have to buy the magazine.

Experimental Power Plant takes the CO2 out.
Coal is a dirty business..... yet in June 2009 the Obama administration revived Future Gen a coal fired power plant that had been axed by the Bush admin in 2008.
The environmentalists say America should be shifting from coal power, fiscal conservatives disapprove of spending so much (tax payer) money on unproven technology Department of Energy has committed 1 BILLION dollars, yes that is 1 BILLION dollars

No, there is no intent to reduce fossil fuel dependancy, just "clean it" and have taxpayers foot the bill.

Even this is ridiculous. Using artificial trees ( that don't look like trees) to grab emissions.
So, spend taxpayer dollars to work on nonsensical technology, as this was likely funded by the Department of Energy or taxpayer dollars.

How about this, plant real trees. Real living trees are beautiful and clean the air. They are enjoyable to look at. They house living critters. Since that would make sense and be cost effective, it won't happen.

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