Monday, December 7, 2009

MKUltra to Dutroux : Globalization and Covert Politics

This website came to my attention via a reader of the blog- Hei Hu Quan
As Hei Hu Quan said they do indeed name names on this website.
No Dr. Green, Dr. White etc.,

I have spent some limited time reading through it, so far so good! All very interesting.
It seems to be quite the resource for the MKultra topic so often discussed here.

What caught my attention?
One the mention of Tulane University as a place where mind control experimentation was carried out. It is not the first time I have come across this place being linked to mkultra experimentation.
One connection I find curious is between Tulane University and Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald claimed he attended Tulane. In what capacity? Lee was put into an orphanage at age 3. Was his attendance at Tulane linked to MKUltra programming? Was he more then a patsy? Was he a manchurian candidate.

Also there is some good information on the Dutroux affair. And the really incompetent investigation. Incompetence? There is a claim we hear made quite a lot. Incompetence, can however be a good cover for an unwillingness to get to the heart of the matter.

Where all this leads too, is something Dave McGowan has covered in his book- Programmed to Kill. The first 6 chapters of the book are in the side bar, and they cover the high level links to cases of Child Abuse. It is an ugly picture

"I didn't look further and focused on other cases that had possible ties to the Dutroux X-Dossier case; Finders, Michael Aquino, the Franklin Affair, Craig Spence, etc."

Now those are some familiar names to Dave's readers, aren't they?

I am going to include videos of testimony, from two women, survivors of the Mkultra experimentation. Their testimonies are included amongst the information at the website.
They both testified at the Human Radiation Experiments Hearings 1995

Chris Denicola

Claudia Mullen


  1. Penny, where is the "side bar with the first 6 chapters of Programmed to Kill"???

  2. Hey Peter, the picture of the fractals is the top of the right side bar. Scroll down through that you will get to MKUltra documentaries, then Can't miss flix, then next is
    Programmed to Kill Dave McGowan-highly reccomended.

    click on each link, which is one chapter, six links, six chapters, and start reading.
    The book is interesting, good and difficult.

  3. Peter, let me know if these links are working for you, because I can't get to them no matter how I try.

    weird, perhaps the website that hosts them is having issues?

  4. Peter, the links are all working.