Monday, December 28, 2009

Peter Levenda- The Power Elite

In my humble opinion this is a must hear interview for the Dave McGowan Programmed to Kill/Laurel Canyon crowd. Or anyone else interested in MKUltra, mind control, the Kennedy assassinations, and very interestingly something called "the nine" and more.

I have actually listened twice, and felt I must share. So give a listen and share some thoughts.


  1. Amazing stuff by and large, Penny. Thanks again!

    Where'd you find this?

  2. slozo this came from Gnostic Media

    they have alot of good stuff there to listen to.

    I actually ordered two of this guys books, so taken was I with the interview.

    I want to look into that murder he was talking about.
    The one charles manson is alleged to have done, another daughter of an intelligence agent.
    Like sharon tate.
    here is the web addy

    Eustace Mullins good also, very good.
    Just finished listening to both Steven Zarlenga interviews.
    Ellen Brown.
    There are a couple other ones I want to listen to, but hell, there is just so much time in a day!
    hope you enjoyed your holidays!

  3. Wow!Penny,
    How did I miss this post before? Sorry.
    Dave McGowan mentions the murder of that girl, Habe, in his LC series.
    The "nine" seance in Maine with all the elite Names is also interesting. I wish he had dwelt more on that. He was all over the place. Really, so much to consider.
    The Mae Brussels talk was cool.
    Charles Tex Watson is clearly the prime mover in the Tate LaBianca murders. Tex was a hair dresser or wig seller. He, Tex, and Jay Sebring, also a hairdresser, are key actors.Hair dressers are almost always gay. or bi. or something.
    Anyway,my theory is the gays run Hollywood. Tex and his crew vs Jay and his crew in gang warfare?
    Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
    I saw a strange documentary last nigh on this web site
    I wish I had recorded the exact spot, time wise, on the movie. But the most intriguing character in a whole host of strange characters occurred when the BBC documentary guy named Bloomfield, interviews, in a prison, an ex LA cop. This cop is the most frighteneing guy I have ever seen in my life. I urge you to watch this documentary especially watch for this cop who is in jail!!