Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brain Controlled Devices or Brain Control Devices?

Hmm, reading this article and noting the reference to the movie Avatar....

Researchers are already using brain-computer interfaces to aid the disabled, treat diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and provide therapy for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Work is under way on devices that may eventually let you communicate with friends telepathically, give you superhuman hearing and vision or even let you download data directly into your brain, a la "The Matrix."

Researchers are practically giddy over the prospects. "We don't know what the limits are yet," says Melody Moore Jackson, director of Georgia Tech University's BrainLab.

I hate to sound like luddite, but, keep in mind technology is a double edge sword..

-Much of the research focuses on neuroprosthetics, which offer a way for the brain to compensate for injuries and illness.

Not bad you say, but, then there is always this....

DARPA, the Pentagon's technology research division, is currently working on an initiative called "Silent Talk," which would let soldiers on secret missions communicate with their thoughts alone. This stealth component is attractive, but naysayers fear that such soldiers could become manipulated for evil means.

Soldiers manipulated for evil means, imagine the possibilities.
Also, having others read your thoughts....the end of privacy entirely.

I worry about our blind adoration of all these electronics, we may lose our humanity and end up just another machine.


  1. Penn there was a time that I was part of the Machine, I no longer am and personally I really couldn't give much of a shit anymore as to what they want to do or will do. Now I know it's not good to be so fatalistic but there really ain't much in the way that I can do that will stop anything from happening, so I figure that the best that I can do is take care of me and mine and then just sit back and watch the show and what a show it's gonna be when the shit really hits the fan.

    I think thats it's going to be funny in a dark sort of way to watch and listen to the poor buggers as they wake up one day and find that they have been had AGAIN and left with nothing but a pocketful of hurt. Can't yuh just hear it now"WTF we never saw this coming, what the hell happened? Why didn't anyone tell us this was coming"? Boo Hoo Hoo, sob sob sniff.

    Sometimes people just have to get kicked in the teeth before they wake up.

  2. pen, of course the phrase that comes to mind: what could possibly go wrong?

  3. silv, it is sad that people have to take a kick in the teeth to smarten up.
    But, so be it.


    lol! what could possibly go wrong?

    yup I can see that.
    or how about 'we never imagined such a thing'.

    Like GWB on 9/11 who couldn't imagine planes flying into buildings, despite the exercises surrounding just such a scenario?