Friday, January 29, 2010

Excess Canadian Swine flu vaccine and cash to WHO and Mexico

The Swin(dl)e Flu. What is the latest?
Canada is giving away it's excess vaccines.Yes, you read that right, excess vaccines bought and paid for with Canadian taxpayer dollars!

Depite the WHO claims to the otherwise, the swine flu 'pandemic' was a hoax, from the changing of the defintion of pandemic to the rampant profiteering by pharmaceutical giants, untested vaccines and useless anti-virals.
The WHO is trying to claim they prevented a pandemic, but the simple truth is the pandemic was well into it's second wave in many countries before the vaccine was even available. The first wave would have been the worst wave. By time the second wave came round, many people would have been exposed and had some immunities.
If you wish to review the swine flu 'pandemic' as it evolved click on the swine flu label at the bottom of this post, goodness knows how many posts are here to read covering this topic!
Right now, the latest!

Going on recall, Canada purchased 50 million doses of vaccine, for a population of approximately 30 million.
The reasoning for this purchase was that children were going to require two doses. That recommendation was quickly dropped. Anyway...
Canada is now giving to the WHO 5 million doses of swine flu vaccine and 6 million dollars.
(Because Canada is not in recession with mass unemployment and expanding welfare rolls, facetious)
Canada previously 'lent' Mexico 5 million doses of vaccine.

It has been clear for months Canada would have a large vaccine surplus.

Just how much surplus is there?
"Canada's surplus may be twice as large as the amount of vaccine the country has actually used"
"The federal government has resisted making a projection of how large the vaccine surplus will be"
Obviously the government isn't going to tell the public how much excess vaccine there is.

Since the "The second wave of H1N1 activity in Canada peaked in November" when the vaccines were finally available, it was all over...except for the media campaign! Ya, the media campaign! To tell Canadians about the deadly pandemic. Which would have been obvious, had the pandemic in fact been deadly.
How much did the media campaign cost?
How about $41 million for communications alone.
 Of the $41 million for communications, $15 million was awarded via contract to Cossette Media of Montreal, according to a report in Quebec newspaper La Presse, which obtained the information using the access to information law.
And the amount spent on useless anti-virals - $17.1 million for antiviral drugs


  1. I think we need to ask Osama what he thinks!! Since he's now come out in support of global warming, ending dollar hedgemony and encourages the dismantling of the corporatocracy my guess is he will be furious about the scam perpetrated by the WHO.

    Why can't we get our money back from the liars, oops I mean the pharmacueitical company?

    What a joke.

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