Thursday, January 28, 2010

France launches missiles over Newfoundland, Canada?

While taking photos a resident of Harbour Mille a community in  Newfoundland, Canada, caught more then just the setting sun. It looked like a missile. In fact, it was three missiles
No one seems to know what two neighbors saw off the coast of Newfoundland earlier this week, but the two are convinced three large bullet-like objects were missiles. And they have photos they say prove it
Possibly missiles from a French (France) submarine?
 On Wednesday morning, the French military confirmed it had completed submarine-based missile testing off the northwest coast of France. The testing concluded at 4:55 a.m., Newfoundland standard time, but there was no confirmed start time. The test was the first in a series of six planned in 2010 for the M51 nuclear missile.
According to the French military, the M51 has a range of approximately 10,000 kilometres. The distance between the test site in Audierne Bay, France, and Harbour Mille is only 3,800 kilometres.
Oddly, though, in the CBC article, the claim is:

"The French Ministry of Defence posted a message on its website confirming it had launched a missile from a submarine this week but the time and direction didn't match with what was reportedly seen over the south coast of Newfoundland."
If they did, why weren't Canadian citizens notified?
Were the missiles from France's submarine, and they do not want it known?
Then, on the other hand, with the Canadian government prorogued????

I will admit, with the Olympics up and coming, this one gives me pause for thought.


  1. Gee, the North West coast of France huh,wouldn't that be the East coast of Canada as well? Doh.

  2. There are french waters near Newfoundland as the island of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon is french territory. Only to explain why French navy could be exercising there.

  3. good morning.

    yup the northwest coast of france does appear to be on the east coast of canada.

    and hey gallier, I had almost included that info in this post.

    There seem to be some conflicting reports on from where the missiles originated.
    From the island, from the waters??
    I find the timing entirely odd.