Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leaderless Canada, Israeli Security services and the Olympics

The questions many Canadian's have asked: Why did Prime Minister Harper prorogue the government, until after the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?
I had some question myself about this mysterious move on the PM's part in this post Dec 30/09.
One possible concern, and there were so many of them, is the potential for a false flag.

Foreign troops on the ground, the LRAD and now this...  Verint Systems Incorporated, will be providing security at the airports for the Olympic. Verint was formerly/or is a subsidiary of Comverse InfoSystems 
A brief digression, Comverse was linked to an Israeli spy ring prior to 9/11.

Verint, besides now providing security for the Vancouver airport, possibly the airport in  Calgary,  is also providing security at Montreal's subway system, Verint was also providing security in London when the 7/7 bombings occured. I really have to wonder, why, after the 7/7 bombings this operation would be hired to provide any security anywhere? Given that London 7/7 would indicate a job poorly done?

Also odd.
Noticing while twirling around the news today...calls for Canada  to adopt Israeli style  airport security. Including, out and out calls for racial profiling. Twisted!
"Can anyone disagree saving lives justifies inconveniencing certain ethnic groups?"
That my friends is talk of racial profiling.

An aside, I wonder, do the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.,  think that "certain ethnic groups" are deserving of racial profiling, also?
I wonder if they think many, many lives could have been and still could be saved, if they could only scrutinize who comes into their country? Just a thought.

Putting  aside the alleged superiority of the Israeli security, which is highly questionable, even without the  racial profiling. Why would I mention the superiority of Israeli security as questionable?

It would seem there has been plenty of Israeli security the world over, and judging by London alone, it has been a miserable failure. But, Israeli security did not just fail in London, it failed in the case of our underwear bomber too.

Israeli Firm Blew it Regarding Terrorist With Underwear Bomb

Reports have already highlighted the blunders on the part of the American intelligence community, but it appears officials at Schiphol Airport are unwilling to let the Israeli security firm off the hook, since the agents operating on the pre-flight check in should indeed have suspected bomber Umar Farouk

 But, they didn't suspect. They failed at their job!
Or maybe they didn't fail? Maybe, they did exactly what they were supposed to do very successfully?
Wrap your brain around that one!

But, back to the Olympics and Canada-
So, we have Israeli firms, depending on your point of view- miserable failures or highly successful- Doing security at major airports and subway systems in Canada. Throw in a government that is prorogued for no reason at all. A leaderless country, about to host a major world sporting/ tourist event. A country that has Israel security for this major event. Israel security that has allowed people to come to harm. Throw in soldiers from foreign nations on the ground. It is like an equation for disaster. Perhaps a false flag?

Apparently I am not alone in thinking that this scenario has the potential for disaster.

I hope we are are woefully mistaken. But, ya gotta wonder, when all these strange events take place, how is it that they may converge?


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  2. Very, very likely it would seem that a false flag at Vencouver 10 is planned . . . especially with Verint involved.

    I am trying to go through likely scenarios as we speak for how it all goes down . . .

    . . . is an Israeli team even coming to this Olympics? I know if I were going, I'd be no where near THOSE competitors!

  3. slozo: it seems entirely possible, doesn't it? It can't be discounted.
    The proroguing was just to wierd.

    And I have got to find another news story that may be another piece of the puzzle, may be relevant, just haven't had a chance to search, sigh....

    If the msm would put any/some effort into really informing the people?

  4. YAY another blog is seeing the Zionists! One day (soon) we shall outnumber the gatekeepers, the Hasbarat trolls, and the 'progressive' bloggers, Zionist trolls and coverup operatives of the sort that infest rabble.ca!

    Don't know how I've missed you for two years!

    We need our own aggregator site, like 'progressive bloggers' have.

  5. There's a movement to radically change California government, by getting rid of career politicians and chopping their salaries in half. A group known as Citizens for California Reform wants to make the California legislature a part time time job, just like it was until 1966.