Friday, January 8, 2010

An 'Olympic' carbon scam

Olympic tourists asked to buy carbon off-sets

How about just staying home?
Save yourself from the sonic LRAD weapons and NAFTA troops on the ground.
Why get caught up in this money making scam?

A VANOC(Vancouver Olympics Organizers)-sanctioned website — — was suggested as one place where tourists could calculate and pay for their carbon offsets.
The website acts as a brokerage, connecting individuals and corporations to offset projects to which they can contribute.
Such projects include programs in which carbon-absorbing tracts of forest land are set aside for certain periods of time, making up for activities that generate greenhouse gases. Other projects intend to capture excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it underground.

Ok, so you pay money...but you have no idea where this money is going. How much of what is being paid is actually going to the said project? What percentage goes to profit taking?
As for the carbon sequestration....a totally untested technology. There are no indications the claims of an ability to sequester carbon will attained. In fact all indications are that cap'n trade other such schemes will do nothing to reduce carbon, anyway. Which doesn't matter, because that isn't the agenda behind the scheme. The agenda is profit taking, the creation of a new bubble..... but clearing the air, utter nonsense.
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  1. I think the carbon scam is dead. You can tell lies but you cannot cover up the truth. Once people know the truth, they cannot turn back.