Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PM holds meeting after potential terror threat

The prime minister met with his national security ministers after a pair of reports surfaced that terrorists are planning to enter Canada, a development that has again focused Ottawa's attention on airport and airline security. 
Harper met with his national security ministers on Monday, two days after Canadian airlines and airports were put on alert about the potential threats.
Canadian airports and airlines were put on alert late Saturday. That's when Transport Canada asked them to strictly adhere to the passenger screening rules that were adopted after the failed Christmas Day terror attack.

Sources say the following warning was issued to all Canadian airlines, airports and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority: "Further sharing of intelligence following the December 25th terrorist attempt on the United States has prompted the government to remind airlines and airports to continue to be vigilant and apply screening measures with consistency and vigour," the warning says.The warning was prompted by a pair of reports, the first of which came from British and U.S. intelligence officials, suggesting 20 Yemeni-trained terrorists are "trying to get into North America."
Separately, Canadian intelligence officials "gathered credible evidence that there was another group of terrorists who were also trying to get into Canada," he said.
Canadian officials believe that terrorists are ultimately interested in entering the United States and that they do not have Canadian targets in mind, Fife said.

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  1. Notice how 700 billion dollars + in drug money is being laundered for the drug trade in Afghanistan and that is no big deal. Canadian banks are largely responsibly for this [Dr John Coleman, One World Socialist Dictatorship] The UN website shows that 1.5 million human beings are trafficked on an annual basis, no doubt Canada is as involved with this as they are laundering drug money.

    But now these same pedophiles, murderers and drug dealers want to look at you naked before you get on a plane and probably sell the kiddie pictures.

    The Underwear Bomber - I wonder if the Underwear Bomber gets erased from mainstream history books.

  2. Penny,

    I really have no words. Great post, I shook my head, made some tsk sounds and had a big sigh - for both of your articles.

    False flag at the Olympics - I think the only thing which would stop it is if more folk talk and post about it - ie that it's on its way.

    That said, Canada has been rather 'terror' free. Let's face it the Toronto 18 were a joke (they're not allowing comment at CBC), and so Canadians just aren't 'scared' enough.

    Need to fix that - bring the terror home, so to say.

    Funny that you mention the Israeli firms in your other post, as while I was perusing the comments on CBC wrt the knicker bomber I noticed an inordinate number kept saying we need more 'Israeli' security services...

    wierd that.

    I guess it's part of the trade and security treaties we have with Israel - I mean what else to they export? What are we giving them in return?

    * sigh *

  3. hey doug and maggie
    re: Israeli services, that is because the idiots are parroting the msm!

    If you notice in the post prior to this one, there were links to 3 main stream media stories from today about a need for Israeli style security, which means racial profiling.

    Likely the morons parroting the media do not even comprehend what it is they speak of.

  4. Hey Pen,

    Yeah, I was refering to the other post, I know about the parrots, but this seemed far more orchstrated... it was odd. Like a PR precurser (sp).

    I think these folks were 'plants' on the comments section. Which is of course done - all the time - when hawking a product.

    It's like those old 'majic' views in the newspaper - some folk couldn't see them - but once you got the trick you could see it everytime.

    I'm dating myself.

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  6. Just look at Harpers eyes sometime,(I know it's difficult)but look into his eyes when he's spouting off some line of shit. He knows something that the rest do not know, he knows that he is untouchable, no matter what he does, no matter how badly he fucks things up, his Jew wifey and his Jew masters who put him where he is will take care of things.