Saturday, January 23, 2010

Polanski US bound?

Polanski must return to the US. Judge makes that very clear.

Judge Peter Espinoza rejected a request by Polanski to be sentenced in absentia. The judge stated unequivocally that the only way the 1978 case could be resolved is if Polanski returned to California.

"I choose to insist in defense of the integrity of the judicial system. He needs to appear," Espinoza said. "I've made it clear he needs to surrender.... Motion is denied."

I am still thinking there is more to this then meets the eye.
Why after all this time? Is it time to pay the piper?


  1. I'm guessing that people are waking up and the apologists need some ammo to counter the accusations of truthers regarding child molestation. Apologists can always say "Polanski was arrested- bla bla bla" Your accusations don't make sense.

    We have destroyed the 9/11 myth, Vaccines, Global Warming, its only a matter of time before people widely know about the likes of Kissinger and others like him.

  2. It's a political witch hunt of Roman for his highly revealing (if you're paying attention..which you're not) films depicting oligarchal controls, techniques and misconduct. The "victim" is admitting that it was pretty much nothing because she and her Mother are too embarrased to admit that they we're using (probably her Mother using the kid...and who knows who told them to do that) one of the old and long-reliable female avenues into showbiz/fashion and $$/power/blackmail via horny already established male talents. US is just scapegoating Roman because he's the easiest to get to. See Elliot Spitzer. Same technique but a much larger fish and for much larger reasons !

  3. Roger(over easy)

    goodness, I often think of you..wondering where you had gotten to.

    A political witch hunt, is obvious, what I can't figure is why?
    See Elliot Spitzer. Same technique but a much larger fish and for much larger reasons !"

    Elliot Spitzer and the banks, along comes the timely honey pot to guarantee his credibility is gone.

    But, how this relates to Polanski???

    Are you suggesting he has some sort of insider information

    I have seen some of his films, but, not all of them.
    It has been a long time since I have seen Chinatown...
    Thinking of Rosemary's baby, along the terms of what I will assume you speak of...

    Are we talking the use of satanism and cults in the mkultra experiments.

    Is this what you mean by films depicting oligarchal controls, techniques and misconduct.
    Am I close? Or way off base?

    Darn you have always been a cryptic sort of roger.
    Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
    Hey roger, a question, have you read the books by Peter Levenda?
    The Sinister Forces Grimoire
    There are three of them, I am through book 1, almost through book 2 and need to get a hold of book 3.
    if you did, what had you thought of them?

  4. It is interesting you use the word witch hunt...

    like Polanski has some sort of supernatural powers or at least someone thinks he does, therefore he must be hunted down or controlled.

    An interesting choice of words right now given the reading of the Levenda books.