Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raw Milk Farmer wins! Slays the Behemoth

Raw milk farmerpoints out the obvious-
At trial, Schmidt argued the charges that were laid against him were unconstitutional and infringed on his personal rights and freedoms. 

He also said government officials and food scientists cannot guarantee the safety of any food, and argued informed consumers should be able to buy raw milk, just as they can buy raw meat.

According to the Ministry of Health, there were 145 cases of reportable enteric illness associated with unpasteurized milk in Ontario between 2005 and 2009.

 How many people have been poisoned from 'properly processed' foods?

Oh and one more thing, the raw milk supporters suggest that  pasteurization enables the milk industry to raise cows in less-expensive, less-healthy conditions.

I can't disagree with that.

Bottom line, if these people want to drink this milk and they are confident and comfortable with doing so, that is their right.


  1. Sheesh I was raised on raw milk and as a matter of fact it's still the only milk consumed here at the nest. Twice a day it is lovingly squeezed from the tits of two borderline cute Jersey cows named Shits and Giggles.

    If people knew what happens to milk on the molecular level during commercial pasteurization, then perhaps more people would opt for raw milk.

  2. Yeah baby!!
    My grandmother was raised on a dairy farm . This before the days of refrigeration!!
    I agree with the Silverfish raw milk rawks.
    Jersey cows, rich with high butterfat. Higher butterfat then those black and white Holsteins.
    It is fairly easy to get raw milk cheese these day.

  3. Thanks for bringing this to light for your readers, Pen. Some explanations, from a long-time buyer of raw milk:

    1) The milk that the gov't argues has to be pasteurised does, indeed, have to be pasteurised . . . why? Because when you pump a cow so full of hormones and drugs to produce more milk, the inside of the udder gets bleeding ulcers, so that the milk is contaminated with blood and puss. And, because of the cow being unnaturally tortured with the drugs, kept in stalls all their lives, fed only grain (sometimes with animal meat and bones mixed in), the cow only lives for 2 years, as opposed to 12.

    2) The raw milk I and others get is from healthy, natural cows that receive no hormones, steroids, or meat products. They re grass fed, get to graze in the fields for most of the year, and get fed grain occosionally . . . because that is their natural diet. They usually produce milk for about ten years out of their twelve year life span.

    3) Pasteurisation now involves "super-pasteurisation", which means the milk is heated very quickly to almost a boiling point, and then they artificially put back in the vitamins they boiled out basically. Or so they say . . . can't you tell north americans are healthier than everyone else?

    4) Speaking of which, more people in the world drink raw milk than the pasteurised puss-brand that north americanos drink. No raging cases of poisoning due to raw milk there . . .

    5) Oh, those cases they cite as caused by raw milk? Hilarious stuff, Pen, if you do the research and actually dig up what these scientists hold as "proof". Oh, so he was a raw milk drinker and he got food poisoning and almost died?!? Well, we don't need no stinkin' tests to actually determine where the bacteria CAME FROM, it MUST be the milk! I can guarantee that a quarter of the cases are pure fantasy, half are conjecture, and maybe a half dozen are real - and those are because of unclean jars/producing (usually because some cow poop got smeared on something at some point somewhere).

    6) So why's the gov't so keen on banning raw milk? Drug companies, and the gov't tax dollars to the milk co-op you have to pay into to have the right to sell. Basically, you have to have the capital of a millionaire to have enough cows to buy into the pasteurised milk scam to be able to show a small profit . . . so it has killed every small farmer. There are a lot of things to fear there for the PTB.

    I could go on, but my wife is dragging me to bed.

    Do a search on the real history of how pasteurisation got started? (hint: whisky is involved) Oh yes, good laughs that one.

  4. Nice one boys and girls. I don't drink milk myself but that was definitely interesting.

  5. I wish I could drink raw milk, or rather find a local producer of it.

    Unfortunately, the dairy industry has been fucked in the UK, what with supermarkets offering dairy farmers less for their milk than it costs to produce. We're even starting to import milk from other countries now.


    But of course the people aren't asking the question why milk is so cheap....

    Money money fucking money.

  6. This is great news!!

    Score one for the little guy!

    That said, do you think this battle is really over?

  7. No, the battle is not over, Magdelena, and the key thing is . . . this is only a decision that allows SHAREHOLDERS, or part owners of the cow, to drink the milk.

    It is still illegal to sell or distribute raw milk. It is not, however, illegal to drink it.

    This whole court case was about whether it was acceptable to own part of a cow and drink 'your own milk', and the Crown's position was that this was simply a way around the illegality of selling milk.

    See, I have this funny idea that selling unpasteurised milk should be a legal enterprise, unencumbered by gov't controls that say you must have a minimum of 600 cows or that you have to pay an exorbitant fee to the provincial gov't milk board or be forced to be under price controls that make profit very difficult unless you have a huge operation.

    Here's an example of the usual bad reporting:

    So: no mention is ever made that the raw milk HAS TO come from healthy, grass-eating cows that receive no drugs, and that the milk that most people drink HAS TO be pasteurised because it comes from very sick and tortured cows that have puss in the milk from bleeding udders! Well, the closest they come to mentioning that is that someone was wearing a t-shirt "our cows don't do drugs", but no explanation as to why that might be a relevant statement.

    Also telling is that at the bottom of the article is the line, "Public health tests on Schmidt’s milk products showed “no disease,” he said, adding the Crown produced no evidence of anyone getting sick."

    So . . . the Crown prosecutors and health officials have done their research, they say that raw milk is unhealthy and can cause listeria, etc . . . yet, they have no evidence of that?!?

    This is the kind of dumbed down reporting taken as 'normal' . . . no one asks obvious questions . . .Why is it illegal to sell but not to drink? . . . Does the gov't not care about the health of farmers who drink their own milk then? . . . If there is no proof that raw milk from healthy, grass-fed cows is unsafe (provided the farm runs a clean operation), then why is it illegal to sell it?

    I remember doing some initial research on all the claims of raw milk poisoning, and it was hilarious. In over 90% of the claims, no test was ever done on the pathogen to see where it came from, and if it came from the raw milk (a simple enough test to determine the source for food poisoning). And that is why they actually have no hard evidence . . . yet.

    Who knows what they will cook up in the future.

  8. I wonder if its natural for humans to be drinking milk. I stopped drinking milk - except in coffee once per day. I consume a pound of butter per week though.

    I can't imagine drinking raw milk. The idea of it turns my stomach, but I also know just one drink of it can make huge difference in health for those who have never had it.

    No doubt the stories from other posters here are true wrt the ridiculousness of all the restrictions and how they came about. Entirely believable. You don't have to look anymore.

  9. I love milk!!!!
    Nothing like giving yourself a white moustache from a glass of fresh milk.


  10. Hi Edo,
    I love milk too, but always found the UK milk to taste really wierd. I couldn't drink it when I lived there. Yet, the German milk was tolerable - wierd eh?

    I couldn't agree more with all you've said and pointed out. It's truly depressing, aggravating and downright disturbing what has become of our food supply.

    While certainly Schmidt deserves to win this particular case, you are right that it doesn't mean anyone can now go purchase raw milk, so while it's a great decision for Schmidt et al, nothing has really changed - I imagine that some bureaucrat somewhere is figuring out a way to plug this loophole which has allowed him to keep producing.

    It's control, over everything.

  11. Perhaps the experiments of Dr. Frances Pottenger2 in the 1940's can help to solve this mystery. In these experiments Dr. Pottenger fed similar groups of animals (usually cats) a diet of exclusively milk. Half ate cooked milk (i.e., pasteurized), the other ate uncooked (i.e., "raw" milk). The results were conclusive and astounding. Those that ate raw milk did well, lived long, happy, active lives free of any signs of degenerative disease. Those that ate pasteurized milk suffered from acute illnesses (vomiting, diarrhea) and succumbed to every degenerative disease now flourishing in our population. By the third generation, a vast majority of the cats were infertile and exhibited "anti-social" behavior. In short, medically speaking, they were like many modern North Americans.

  12. Raw milk cheese where to buy
    This link takes to you the stuff I get. As I said earlier,it is getting more available.

  13. I was buying organic milk when I lived in Toronto. It tastes like milk did 30 years ago. If you drink that then drink the regular stuff, the regular stuff has a strange taste to it.

    Once you drink Organic milk youcan't go back to the regular stuff. Organic milk is well over twice the price. It comes in the glass bottles like in black and white movies in the 40's. You can get it in lots of places in Toronto, but you don't see it in smaller places. This stuff was pasteurized.

  14. goodness! so much interesting stuff here to read.
    thanks to all for the great comments!

    slozo, clearly this is a subject that is near and dear to you. If you have any links you wish to leave here for us to read, please do.
    I would be interested and judging by the responses I believe others would be also.
    Myself, I will say, I have never had raw milk.

    My husband however has, his grandfather farmed and recalls going with him to milk, he drank it and he recalls the barn cats getting some milk too.

    I am aware of the all to gross way in which our food is 'produced'
    It is not for nutrition or any such thing, even though that is what food is supposed to be about.
    Taste, nutrition and generally to ensure health.
    But, sadly our food has been corrupted. By corporations and governments in a very undemocratic and outright fascist manner.

    this is why, I tell everyone, and I mean everyone, shop locally, from local farmers, who are growing their produce. As much as possible,
    And you can actually talk to them about the food they are growing.

    You know, talk to the actual human beings who are consuming the food they are selling, for you to consume.
    This is the best way.

    For example we purchase peaches and actually all manner of fruit when in season from a lovely local farmer. She, in conversation told me she will eat the peaches right off of her tree, because "I know what is on them" Stunning!( we were discussing washing peaches due to the fuzz)
    So the peaches we get from China, anyone know what is on them?
    How about the apples?
    But my local apple farmer can tell me.
    And the local egg man
    The local baker.
    People need to be far more aware of all their food choices.
    Because it is there very health, their life, that is at stake.

    Far to many people, do not even think about this, they ASSUME that if it is in the grocery store it 'must be ok' NOT.

    "Speaking of which, more people in the world drink raw milk than the pasteurised puss-brand that north americanos drink."

    but slozo, we are the smart,the righteous and world leaders, right?

    That is what we tell ourselves, to keep ourselves happy, while ignorant beyond belief in our bliss?

  15. Oh and one more thing, I agree this is not over. The government will not let this be over, their are big corporate farms and their control to behold and bow to.

    However, it is a good victory, and shows what can be accomplished when people stand up for themselves.