Sunday, January 31, 2010

Olympic Games as diversion to launch an attack

False flag for Vancouver 2010. The thought has crossed many a mind.
I have already covered it, here, here and elsewhere, but you get the idea, so I won't bore you again with that.

The Olympics are supposed to represent a time of unity, global unity.
Faux world unity aside... the Olympics have previously provided an opportunity, a cover for another kind of 'games' I feel a flashback comin' on!.....

Bejing, China 2008- the Olympic games open August 08/2008
Remember that? Sure you do!
Because, the eyes of the world were watching the Olympics unfold in a 'communist' nation

But, how many of you remember that, while your gaze was diverted- Georgia took the opportunity to invade South Ossestia on August 08/2008
What a surprise that was! You can refresh your memory, here, here, here and here.
Despite the western media spin, it became obvious to those that were paying attention that indeed Georgia was the aggressor.

And, all this happened as the Olympics opened in China.

Where am I going with all this?
Vancouver 2010. The opening ceremony is February 12/2010
There are a number of nations really hot to get a war on!
The US and Israel come to mind.
Would they? Could they? Attack another nation while the gaze of the world is diverted?
Georgia sure took the opportunity. Will another nation, or nations together?.......

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  1. speaking of useful diversions.

    recalling Obama inauguration and the timely start of operation cast lead.

    cause this kind of stuff is not a coincidence.

  2. Me is jus a Moron so's me can't haves no opinion. However ifn I wasn't a Moron I would be willing to bet that the shit will hit the fan soon enough.

  3. Lebanon? Ahh well, yes there is always a proxy war!!

    Gotta love it!

  4. Lindsey Williams says no war with Iran for at least 1 - 1.5 years. I just posted his summarizations - he has updated his predictions.

    With that missile launch, who knows what will happen - I bet something will happen during the olympics - perhaps a big computer virus, but I doubt anything will happen AT the Olympics myself.

    Climate Gate just keeps getting bigger and bigger - I bet Al Gore is sorry he invented the internet 8-). I think they need to take it away soon. It will kill a big chunk of the economy as well if they do a major virus.

  5. Aw Geeze, tonight on the news, they're still looking for the two tons of Bs, I mean fertilizer, Na I meant BS as in BULLSHIT.

    And they even have private security forces aka jews patrolling the coast. Who writes this shit?

  6. Pen i'm with you on this sports and terrorism link.

  7. thanks A peasant... thinking we gotta look at all the possible angles..

    And Iran is saying they are going to announce something on that day.
    Which looks like a military parade,they are going to flex their missile muscle

    "Iran marks the revolution's anniversary from February 1-11"

    I am also noting that so called 'world-wide protests for Iran' are planned Feb 11/2010
    (this is being touted on my space, twitter, youtube etc.,) Iran aware that the US is planning another sort of covert attempt at overthrow?
    Like the overthrow that saw the Shah installed.

    Would another ME country take the opportunity to attack, while the Olympics open?