Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Canadian Children rescued from International Porn Ring

Cripes, I was all signed out of here, not gonna blog no more.
Must stop looking at the news.....

But, I don't.
What do I come across?

7 Canadian children rescued from porn ring

"RCMP in Surrey, B.C., have rescued seven children and charged one man after a tip he was involved in an international child pornography ring

Police said the investigation is continuing worldwide and further arrests or charges are possible.


  1. It wasn't the spelling, Penny. I thought you were asking me about what Dave McGowan had written so I posted a couple of replies. Then I realized I might have misunderstood your question; which I did.

    So after reading about Picton (best of links I came across-
    and here )

    it became obvious to me that the Vancouver police dept together with the judiciary and govt are actively complicit in it all. Organised crime on any sort of decent scale cannot exist without police and govt tolerance if not complicity. There's too much to hide and too many people to 'lean' on.

    Anyway, before posting my reply, I read Dave again and this time clicked on this link of his and there it was; all I imagined and more.

    One of the people interviewed in the first link above when asked, "Were there worse details, more horrifying details?

    "Yes," she says. "It's worse than you can imagine."

    I think the worse may involve West Coast Reduction Ltd mentioned in that same article.

    See these links here
    <a href="</a>and here</a>

    There is a similarity in how the victims bodies were dismembered. You might like to have a bucket handy before you read them.

    As for why Picton is being afforded these lengthy and expensive appeals (which I think was your original question!), I don't know.

    For every reason 'for' I can think of one 'against'.

  2. Here's the broken BBC link (the last one)

  3. Hey Penny, I saw this at CBC and of course they aren't allowing comments. They never seem to for articles such as this. Could it be that they are afraid that some comments may expose the depth of depravity within our own political and security ranks?


    I know that I've linked to McGown a few times on their boards and recieved quite positive feedback from others there.

    Perhaps some people DO see the 'men' behind the curtain.

    It's truly sickening though, and very hard to read about this stuff.

    I know I would have a hard time justifying my opposition to Capital Punishment in the case of this perverted and evil demented beings (I won't call them human, as IMO they are the true 'demons').

  4. This is ONE FUCKED UP COUNTRY we live in. Can you think of any other country in the industrialized world that SUSPENDS govt. with no valid reason? Free press?! You must be kidding!

    Canadians love to criticize the U.S. and feel so self-righteous. We were a colony, and remain a colony. As long as we have our Tim Horton's...

    What a fucked up country!!!

  5. These people do reserve the devine right of kings. Even low level bureaucrats such as lawyers reserve this right.

    Its when they get caught that they must do something for appearances.

    My first real wake up call was when I saw a Ted Gunderson video about this and encountered the devine right of kings in my own life. I still cannot get used to it, but I do get solace in the fact that this devine right will be taken away when these people are no longer needed to serve the ruling class. They will also know to much. I don't believe they can be re-habilitated.

    When the ruling class is ready to eliminate them, I wonder if there will be any sympathy.

  6. One million people are victims to the sex/labour slave annually and that was from the UN site. I looked that up a couple of years ago while running for an election.

    We are far more corrupt than the Americans.

  7. Hey James, thanks for all the links, and yes, I was referring to the Picton case in my original question.

    I read through the first of the links you left, it was a lengthy read..

    You are going to think this off topic, but, I assure you it is not.

    I watched the movie today
    Unrepentent: Canada's Genocide

    What a movie.

    Maggie, I think you had previously mentioned you had seen it?

    Well it has every aspect of the Dave McGowan piece and the Robert Picton case.

    Institutionalized abuse, pedophelia and it connects church, government and law enforcement including vancouver police and the rcmp.

    In the movie one of the natives interviewed mentioned the deaths in vancouver are connected to deaths in seattle.

    As the natives cross the border,as they always have.

    Back to Kevin Annett..
    From the way the 'authorites' treated Kevin Annett, I would say, BC definitely has an ongoing problem.
    I urge everyone to watch that movie.
    It is available on Google video and I will put a permanent link in the side bar.
    It is utterly appalling.

    But, I want to draw your attention to something recent, Kevin Annett was attacked and beated in BC.

    He was attacked just two days after he published a new article on the role of Vancouver police in sex crimes.

    Kevin Annett: Canada's police involved in sex crimes

    an excerpt

    "No crime ever disappears; it just adapts” a journalist once told me. And in British Columbia, the crime of abducting people is rampant, on the rise, and very lucrative, since it is part of a deadly international network in human trafficking. "

    "According to sources within the network, at least a dozen women and men are abducted and murdered every month in Vancouver , their bodies disposed of in protected grave sites on the north shore, and their organs shipped overseas"

    Also check the sidebar for the link to his site...

    Anyone remember all the feet washing up ashore in BC?

  8. Ok, done, movie linked under can't miss flicks

    and website linked under website listings.

  9. I was going to mention Kevin Annett, Penny. The Catholic Church, in particular, is riddled through with satanism and, as I said, I see it (satanism, not the CC) as the glue that holds all this stuff together

  10. james, I want actually and will send the links you left to Dave McGowan.
    I just think it would interest him.
    When I listened to this interview Meria was talking about the abuse at the residential schools and Kevin Annett, Dave was unaware of it all until the vancouver piece he had posted in his own sleazefest in seattle.
    But, at the same time he mentioned the green river killings, which are in your one link...

    Satanism may well be the glue that binds all this horror, but, you may have to explain to me what you exactly mean by that.

    Satanism is another religion
    instead of god, there is satan
    one figure head for the other.
    instead of good, evil?
    However you look at it, it is some kind of organized belief system,
    as I saw clearly in unrepentant supposed christians, were as evil as anyone could imagine.
    in the name of christianity.
    There is my confusion, I guess, the so called christians were committing all manner of evils in the name of their god.
    Which was not Satan.
    Unless it was, really?
    Sometimes, my head feels as if it will burst, just burst from all this stuff.

  11. Penny,
    satanism is a structured and formalised religion and like an iceberg, little of it is visible. The visible bits like The Temple of Set and The Church Of Satan are 'window dressing'. Behind this is a structure that reaches into seemingly every power structure (corporate, political, judicial, military and religious) in the West. I have had a personal encounter with this structure and so have a number of people I know well. It's very real.

    Any Christian, and particularly any Christian leader, who believes God has given him/her power or authority over another human being, or believes God endorses violence is not worshiping Jesus or whom Jesus called 'the Father'. These people are, in fact, worshipping satan. That these leaders remain in power in 'Christian' organisations is because very few people understand Christianity; by that I mean what Jesus was teaching and what that means. This is not surprising when you think these Christians have been taught by generations of power loving leaders. I have written some on the evolution of modern day Christian religions here.

    We are surrounded by the effects of the evil of organised satanism in our societies to such an extent that we do not see the effects for what they are nor that they are co-ordinated. We are like fish swimming in water yet who cannot perceive this water. Though, this is starting to change through writing such as Dave McGowan's.

    I have written some on this 'water' here if you would like to know more of my thoughts on it. I am happy to answer any questions.

  12. Hey Guys and Gals,

    I can't remember where we were discussing it, but this post is appropriate...

    Just picked up on this

    A mistake?

  13. hey james and edo!

    edo: funny article.

    James, I went over and read some of what you have written, and, well I have to read it again...

    I didn't realize you were part of the winterpatriot community?

    Back to what you wrote..that was, as is tackily called, some deep stuff, stuff for me that needs rereading and to think about.

    Which I guess is the intent of it all.

    So, hoping your around to read this, I get the posts in my e-mail so I'll know if you do come back, which I hope you do.
    You are most interesting :)