Monday, February 1, 2010

Critical Thinking- Raising Awareness

I am of the opinion that this is an extremely valuable interview. It seemed a good follow up to the coercive interrogation post. So I am sharing, I hope you enjoy it!

What would happen if everyone in society received an immunization against all of today's media and political propaganda? Is there a simple, logical process to arm ourselves against such attempts at mind manipulation and control? Is it possible to level the playing field against corporate and government propaganda?
Dr. Michael Labossiere discussing logical fallacies and more.


  1. This sounds very interesting, Penny. Unfortunately, I can't view it on my peddle-powered computer. Do you know of a transcript existing anywhere?

  2. good question james.
    I will see what I can find out.

  3. went to find a transcript and no luck, wether it is just not up yet..I don't know.

    I will check back for you, okay James, sorry :(

  4. Thanks very much, Penny.

  5. Well, for starters, I give you the Homegrown Critical Thinking Starter Kit:

    1) Cancel all subscriptions to cable tv, sattelite tv, and if need be, burn the fucker. Because without step one here, you are screwed . . . you cannot have any easy access to tv and its propaganda and advertising (yes, even without actual ads lots of advertising goes on). This doesn't mean you have to let go of all media, but it does mean you will end up choosing exactly what you want to watch and when. Do online streaming, and watch a movie when you want to.

    2) Find out if your water supply is contaminated by fluoride, dumped as waste by heavy industry and advertised as for our health. If you have more then a tenth of your supply contaminated, don't drink it, and get a zapper to clean the water if necessary. Also, quit the brand name toothpaste and start using the few without fluoride (you will really have to search) or use baking powder like I do. Cleaner and whiter teeth, btw, using this method in my opinion. Getting rid of the fluoride means getting rid of a substance which is toxic in too big a dose and which makes one very suggestion susceptible . . . it is no coincidence that use of fluoride has ramped up in this age of propaganda.

    3) When having friends or family over, try sitting in a living room without a television and actually have real discussions about real events and social issues. You will be very, very surprised at how extremely difficult this is at first, and you will quickly weed out the friends who can't even begin to talk about anything of value - don't waste your time with these people, they bring your intellect down and fill it with garbage.

    4) Choose your news - online. The print media has been utterly co-opted, and one may occasionally refer to it to see what mindless propaganda the plebes are swallowing. Online media has been co-opted too, but there is a lot of good stuff out there.

    5) Avoid indoor activities when its nice outside, and go out and do sports, walk in the park, camp, play frisbee, whatever. Communing with nature gives one pause for deeper thoughts and refreshes the body and mind. As a corallory to this point, video games are strictly an area of brainwashing, so avoid them at all times.

    6) Travel to the second and third world. Don't stay at hotels or even stick with backpacking communes . . . go camping, or go to bed and breakfasts, and try to go to places where you interact with the locals. This is your world education, and cannot be missed - it is vital you stay with the poor, understand them, understand the points of view of other cultures and religions and peoples. This is when world views change dramatically, especially with an open and caring mind.

    * * * * *

    So, now you have some tools to think critically, but it takes time - good luck!

    (Please note Penny - this was more of a tongue-in-cheek commentary, as many of your readers are pretty sharp folk. Still, it all applies.)

  6. Bugger, Slozo, you said everything I could've said but better and shorter!!

    Throwing out the teevee is foundational. I'd add perhaps a short course in formal logic.

  7. hey slozo, all very good , very good points.

    we have no tv, as the saying goes, we have one....but, no cable, no satellite...

    just an old fashioned antenna
    no matter as we don't watch all that much of it.
    we do watch movies.

    and the great outdoors, no camping, but...everyday walking, riding in nice weather and on the weekend a more ambitious walk..

    When I tell people I have no cable or satellite, seriously, I have been asked this question "what do you do"?
    Then they look at me as if I have an additional head spouting from my shoulder.

    Um,,, read books. Read on line. Listen to great interviews. Go outside. Put.. around my house.
    About a million other things..
    but, tv watching just doesn't rank.

    I saw over at nobody's you are out of country.

    James a course in logic and critical thinking is a brilliant idea and should be mandatory in school, but, that is not the idea of indoctrination er... I mean education..