Friday, February 26, 2010

EU: Goods made at Illegal Jewish settlements are not Israeli goods

Since the BBC was to cowardly to give this news the factual title, I did.

The ruling on Thursday by the EU court in Luxembourg stems from a case brought by the German drinks company Brita.

It imports products from an Israeli company based in Mishor Adumin in the (occupied)West Bank and was refused preferential trade treatment by the German customs authorities.

On appeal, a German court asked the European Court of Justice for its decision.

European Court of Justice rulings are binding on member states. The decision reflects what has been the general policy of the EU on the issue.

which is-

"The European Union takes the view that products obtained in locations which have been placed under Israeli administration since 1967 do not qualify for the preferential treatment provided for under [the EC-Israel Agreement]," the judges said.


"The Court notes in this respect that, under the EC-Israel Agreement, the Israeli authorities are obliged to provide sufficient information to enable the real origin of products to be determined."

I am a bit torn, I realize that the Palestinians desperately need these jobs. I also realize the Israeli companies exploit Palestinians for their cheap labour.


Palestinians have long argued that Israeli goods made in settlements should not receive trade privileges, as settlements are not part of Israel.

Pro-Palestinian campaigners have also regularly protested that European supermarkets stock goods with Israeli labels on farm products from the West Bank.

Despite a specific request from the German authorities, the Israeli authorities did not reply to the question whether the products had been manufactured in Israeli-occupied settlements in Palestinian territory.
Israel has yet to formally comment on the court ruling.


  1. New labels of food/items coming from Illegal factories should read "Product of Occupation"

  2. Penny WE have a free trade agreement with the Israelis as well.

    Though after the banning of the word Apartheid I seriously doubt that any of our so-called representatives will call for clear labelling of 'Israeli' goods.

    Anonymous: I like that: Product of Occupation - think about how many other lands could also claim this... I'm thinking Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti... not to mention the soft occupations of the former Yugoslavia, Japan and Germany herself.

    Boycott ALL 'Israeli' products.

  3. Yeah, I know.
    I don't buy anything from Israel, just like I did not buy anything from South Africa at the time of that APARTHEID regimes domination.

    Oops did I say the word apartheid, the now banned word?
    My bad.

    What are maggie and I talking about?
    Thanks for asking!

    Bad word banned

    Legislature passes Tory MPP’s condemnation of ‘apartheid’

    Apartheid is an ugly word that just shouldn’t be used, Progressive Conservative MPP Peter Shurman said Thursday.

    And he got all of Queen’s Park to agree.

    Shurman, the member from Thornhill, moved a resolution to condemn the now annual event on Canadian campuses known as Israeli Apartheid Week,

    Apartheid is not an ugly word, it is just a word, now apartheid, there is something ugly.

    apartheid :a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination

    sounds like Israel to me

  4. Perhaps there could be a campaign to ban the name "Shurman".

    You could reassure Mr Shurman that he is quite ok, quite good looking really, it's just his name that is ugly.

    Or maybe the universities could have "Israeli Ugly Word Week", instead.

  5. When I go and buy something I try not to buy anything that isn't made in Canada or the USA. This is almost impossible now.

    It took me hours to find runners that were not made in China several years ago. I finally found some great New Balance shoes, made in the good old 'USA' (which is really America).

    What is made in Israel ? I don't think I have ever heard of anything made there.

  6. I don't think I have ever heard of anything made there.

    Thanks Doug. I guess I can stop looking for israel's numbers, '729', at the start of every barcode now.

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  8. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world." (The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920)

  9. In "The Communist Manifesto" edited by Engels for English, published in Moscow 1971 it describes Bougeois Socialism as defined by "The New World Order of Jerusalem". We currently live under Bougeois socialism in my opinion.

    Jordan Maxwell ways that the Jewish religion was created around the time of the Margna - Carta (forget the exact date) in the lastest interview on Rense.

  10. The British Lords stood up to the King and church creating the Magna - Carta. It was written for the British lords to protect them from the Empire after the church failed.

    I wonder if Judiasm was created in response to this and used in subterfuge to take over the English Crown (as opposed to the banker Crown we have now)

    Its just a theory but would explain a lot.

  11. doug, your responding to the anonymous poster, but, could you expand on what you meant?