Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eustace Mullins died - 3 hours of interviews added

I received an e-mail regarding this news.
He passed away, yesterday, Feb 02/2010.
Sadly, Eustace Mullins has indeed left the planet. Three interviews linked below, better then 3 hours of listening.

Update # 2
This one is an interview Meria Heller did with Eustace Mullins in 2005
Don't know how long this one will be accessible, but, if you are not familiar with Eustace here is another opportunity to get informed.

Update # 1
I am putting up links to the last two interviews of Eustace Mullins that I had heard, from late fall of 09. From Gnostic Media Research & Publishing's podcast with host Jan Irvin.

"In honor of free speech and critical thinking I present you with the most powerful interview I've done to date with one of the most controversial - and yet respected - people in the entire world, Eustace Mullins, the last living protégé of Ezra Pound."

A Bona Fide Conspiracy? An Interview with Eustace Mullins Pt. 1


  1. It has been confirmed, he will be missed.

  2. He must have been a very happy man, expertly seeking truth and helping humanity.

    A good article on Mullins can be found here:

    David Duke deserves to be heard before he is judged.

  3. If this is the case, I will add the last interview I heard him participate in.
    From Gnostic Media
    give it a listen. It was quite good.

  4. This is sad news, Rest in Peace dear Eustace.

    He will be missed by many.

    Thanks for the interviews Penny, off to listen now.

  5. Doug - I agree Duke should be listened to before he is judged.

  6. Sorry to hear Eustace has died. He's made a massive contribution.

    Doug, hear Eustace talk about David Duke for himself here... I think he had him on the button.

    2006 interview with DBS.

    Word Verification = sitsh

  7. bummer. i hope he might continue to help us from the other side.


  9. character assassination after someone has died is not very nice Ernie.

  10. Geez Edo, I hadn't checked yesterday but today.. and yup there it was. (character assasination)

    I hate that crap!

    oh, the FBI had a file on him
    wow, they had one on John Lennon and Pierre Trudeau

    and I heard it from a friend of a friend. Perhaps ernie should listen to the interview on logical fallacies I have linked, he could learn much.

    I think the interviews I have posted will dispel Ernie's pathetic garbage, quite handily.

  11. Yeah, its blatantly transparent when you see how dear Ernie's online identity is crafted. Quite obviously another type like we've recently found inhabiting at Craig Murray's blog, and after nobody's post, there too.

    I'm interested to find out if Doug and Maggie listened to that interview I linked to in comments...

  12. Ya know, I never go to craig murray's blog, looked once, but, not for me.

    Lots of comments, but to much crap

  13. Ah Edo, very good.

    I would agree to a large extent. Useful idiots do abound.

    I think the use of Duke, who does state many things which are obviously true (ie Zionist Supremicism), to discredit these ideas by linking them to clearly racist and bigotted ideas is not unprecidented - we see this happening across all fields. It's poisoning the well, so to speak.

    I am not a Duke fan, by any stretch. I've often thought, well David, you are right about some things, but you blow your cred. when you start voicing racial purity etc.

    It reminds me of here in Canada, we had a Surpreme Court challenge made by a David Malmo-Levine wrt our Cannabis laws. This guy is a sheister to the nth degree and made a mockery of those who really do believe in legalisation of our Cannabis laws. Another useful idiot. Needless to say, and I would say in part because of the way David Levine presented himself he lost the case, sadly since he used so much 'real' evidence to support his side, it'll be a long time before anything of that degree will ever see the light of day in our courts.

    I have had many arguments with this guy and have always maintained he is a mole to discredit the movement.

    Ahhh, history abounds with these tools.

  14. hey james, thanks for the links, dam you are a good person to stop in and leave such stuff, check out the dave mcgowan post, I left some more thoughts there and would love to read what you have to say!


  15. Hi Penny,
    have done so!

  16. Thanks James, those should be required reading for everyone!

    Penny - can you link them into your sidebar?

  17. No worries, Magdalena.

    Penny, did you mean the Picton case?

  18. No worries, Magdalena.

    Penny, did you mean the Picton case?

  19. hey james, yes, I did mean the Picton case, did I spell it wrong?
    Yesterday was such an off day for me.

  20. Edo, to me everyone seems to be avoiding the real issue and I can't figure out why.

    The real issue is the 1933 bankruptcy and the money. If everyone understood that then all of this would be over.

    The money is just paper - and its ours, because only our labour backs it.

    The problem is that there is no desire or demand for understanding, we are mired in fact in the information age.

    If we had the understanding, the courts would have to back us up.They want a shooting war because a war of ideas is not something they can win.

    I think Duke frightens Jews and frightening ordinary Jews is definitely part of the agenda.

    Duke says some things that make a lot of sense. I think the criticisms of him are unfair on this interview.

  21. Politics just distracts people from truth.

  22. "The real issue is the 1933 bankruptcy and the money. If everyone understood that then all of this would be over."

    I think that's a very simplistic approach Doug. I would say the passing of the Federal Reserve Act made the thirties bankruptcies possible, and if you care to go back a bit further, as Mullins did, you can see the actions that led to that.

    Some people will always fuck someone else over so they can have it all.

  23. "Some people will always fuck someone else over so they can have it all."

    and that is where politics comes into the picture.

    I am talking about the game of politics, backroom deals, blackmail.
    Lobbyists, cabals...

    It is all politics.
    The politics of money, of favours, of IOU's. The politics of mind control, assasination, manipulation.
    Money control, control of information.

    The private money could not have become private without politics.

    Politics is not a distraction it is the mechanism through which/by which everything is conducted.

    I am hoping that makes sense?

  24. That makes perfect sense, Penny. I couldn't agree more.

  25. Penny I just listened to that Gnostic Media interview with Mullins / Lee again and I must say the host annoys me. Me me me!!!! Money Money Money!!! Gnostic Gnostic Gnostic, that's G-N-O-S-T-I-C Media .com.... buy books, buy dvd.. MUSHROOMS... For 15 minutes b4 the interview starts... both times!

    I know I know, dont attack the messenger.... but jeesh, its enough to turn someone off.

  26. thanks james!

    and edo, sadly, given the show is run on donations, what are you going to do?

    but, once they get to the interview, it is very good.

  27. You're right Penny.

    It's my prob.


  28. Penny, Could you upload the interview with Eustace Mullins by Meria Heller?

    The link doesn't work. Thanks

  29. hi anonymous August 16/2010

    Apologies, I can't upload the eustace mullins interview from Meria Heller, she had it up at her free show link for a short time since he had died.

    I am not even sure if it available at all from her archives at this time, but, one would need to be a paid subscriber to listen in if it was.

    I hope you got to listen to the gnostic media interviews as they were both very good.

    And will also be avialable for a limited time.
    (after one year they are pay to listen to)

  30. Not sure why other persons have characterized my Mullins report as "character assassination". Notice that they do not dispute the factual accuracy of anything I wrote.

    Everything contained in my Mullins report is factual and may be verified by reviewing the publications I cite.

    If accurately quoting what Mullins has written or said and correctly identifying the persons, organizations, and publications whom he recommended during 50+ years is now considered "character assassination" -- then so be it.

  31. ernie1241:

    I am curious as to why you came back here almost a year later??

    seems odd?

    But, I went back to look at this so called report.

    And it opens with heresay.
    Heresay for pete's sake!

    Thompson allegedly told George about something that mullins is alleged to have said. So says Thompson who told George..

    Which amounts to gossip. Unsubstantiatted gossip is heresay.

    then your quotes from some alleged fbi file?? (which is in fact not a file, it is a note written on the memo pad of Hoover??

    "In previous writings he has been extremely critical of the Director and the FBI and has shown that whatever he offers is obviously the work of a deranged and vicious mind."
    "[J. Edgar Hoover handwritten comment on the memo"

    Since Mullins is critical of the director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, this means he is deranged??

    Hoover deserves all kinds of criticism, just for his connection to organized crime!

    The comment about Mullins alleged homosexuality is rich in light of Hoovers proclivities

    This kind of stuff is laughable, completely laughable.

    that's why it is character assassination.

    and your spinning it as factual

    move along ernie, spin elsewhere..

  32. Eustace Mullins - MP3 Archives (1923-2010):