Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fall out from Mossad's Dubai hit- Forged and Legitimate Passports used

Early January
"The headquarters of Mossad, the Israeli secret intelligence agency, known as the “midrasha”. Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, stepped out of his car and was greeted by Meir Dagan, the 64-year-old head of the agency."

Inside the briefing room were some members of a hit squad. As the man who gives final authorisation for such operations, Netanyahu was briefed on plans to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a member of Hamas, the militant Islamic group that controls Gaza.

Mossad had received intelligence that Mabhouh was planning a trip to Dubai and they were preparing an operation to assassinate him there, off-guard in a luxury hotel. The team had already rehearsed, using a hotel in Tel Aviv as a training ground without alerting its owners.

The mission was not regarded as unduly complicated or risky, and Netanyahu gave his authorisation, in effect signing Mabhouh’s death warrant.

Typically on such occasions, the prime minister intones: “The people of Israel trust you. Good luck.”

Days later on January 19, Emirates flight EK912 took off from the Syrian capital Damascus at 10.05am. On board, as Mossad had anticipated, was Mabhouh, who was also known by the nom de guerre of Abu al-Abd. The Israelis suspected he planned to travel from Dubai to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas to arrange for an arms shipment to Gaza.

As the Airbus A330 rose into the wintry sky and headed south, Mabhouh, an athletic 49-year-old, could see the minarets of the ancient city — his home since he had been deported from Gaza by Israel more than 20 years before.

He had made the trip to Dubai several times before on Hamas business and had little reason to think that in less than 12 hours he would be dead.

Did the hit squad use forged diplomatic passports in the case of the British Citizens?

Is this how the forged British passports were created?
Israeli immigration officials at Tel Aviv airport secretly copied the British passports which were then used by the hit squad which assassinated a leading Hamas official, ministers have been told.

The German Passport was not a forgery! And what an interesting tale behind that one-

German intelligence
agents found that in June 2009 an Israeli man identifying himself as Michael Bodenheimer - a name listed by police as a member of the hit squad - approached immigration officials in Cologne with the pre-World War II address of his grandparents. Bodenheimer acquired German citizenship on the basis of this information.

Bodenheimer claimed afterwards his identity was stolen

Michael Bodenheimer, Rabbi Michael Bodenheimer. While he acknowledges his grandparents were born in Germany, he was born in the US and claims he holds a US passport.
So did the Rabbi apply for the passport? Or did someone else using the Rabbis personal information?

Either way, the German passport was legit.
Which begs the question was Germany involved?


  1. I was as amazed as anybody when I saw the full 28min CCTV footage (or should I say film?) of the hit on Mabhouh... but:

    1. knowing what we do about the MSM, and that only 'approved' content makes it to the screen, why? Why not keep it out of the media, and spin it?

    and more importantly,

    2. This hit was total overkill (pardon the pun)... All those people to take out one guy who didn't even have bodyguards?

    The way I read it is this: Either the perps WANTED to be seen, or by virtue of the collaboration of English/Irish/German/French passports, the perps wanted it to look like it was a joint operation.
    The latter wouldn't surprise me one bit.

    Oh... and you gotta love the word verification!!! "elete"

    made my day that has!

  2. "elete" eh?

    I don't know if the numbers involved in the assasination were indicative of anything specific but... I was thinking, if one group of assasins had failed, another one would step in.

    I would assume that they would attain their goal in that manner?
    NO matter what problems may have arose..

    Then the multi country passport useage?

    Since they(mossad) have used the passports from other countries so many times previously- done to not bring attention to themselves- it makes you wonder if there is cooperation or minimally turning a blind eye to these actions?

  3. I guess their Canadian passports had too much mileage already?

  4. The original Times article is most probably a 'press release' from MI6. It's almost all inside info. Inserted in it is this sentence, "The Israelis suspected he planned to travel from Dubai to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas to arrange for an arms shipment to Gaza."

    False narrative? Most likely, imho.
    Also the description, the numbers involved, the film, the cold blooded attitude of Notanotheryahoo and the fact taht they are not troubled to display their crime on prime teevee are all calculated, no doubt, to intimidate helpers, and would-be helpers, of Hamas.

    'We're sending a message' is their oft used phrase.

  5. Since 2001, political leaders have become much more brazen about evil behaviour such as torture and assassination and relying on the 'reason' to justify it and excuse themselves. The 'reason' is always a lie, though, and in any case is morally bankrupt because they are saying that the "end justifies the means". When the 'means' is really always the 'end'.

    So I would say the 'reason' in the story, "The Israelis suspected he planned to travel from Dubai to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas to arrange for an arms shipment to Gaza." is almost certainly bullshit and is the prime reason the story is in the newspapers to start with. While the murder is real, the 'story' is disinformation.

    And it works, folks. Think back to when you first read the story, did you read it and take that line in without thinking anything special about it? If that was the case, it was most likely because all the israeli squealing about Iran supplying Hamas with weapons over the years (against a complete lack of evidence) has taken root in you mind. Welcome to mind control. Scary, huh!?

  6. This whole incident demonstrates just how 'above' the law the SLC is.

    "Look at us! We can go anywhere and assassinate anyone and YOU can't do a darn thing about it!!!"

    (Insert evil laugh and few flying kippas)