Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haiti's subjugation, human trafficking, and the political enablers

Haiti. I say it and sigh.....

I put up the news yesterday about the Haitian child trafficking ring, and it's so called lawyer, who is not a lawyer,
" An official says the Dominican man giving legal advice to 10 Americans detained in Haiti on child-kidnapping charges has no license to practice law in his home country.
but is actually a wanted criminal, whose wife has already been incarcerated for child trafficking.

Interestingly, " the families of 6 of the 10 Americans say they don't know how Puello got involved"

They may want to look to the leader of this Christian pack Laura Silsby, who left behind a trail of bad debts, unpaid wages and more.

I am of the opinion that Ms. Silsby was involved with Mr. Puello, prior to her sojourn to kidnap children in Haiti. Hence his 'helping hand' in the situation. Ms Silsby looks to be in need of money, and willing to get it, by any means necessary. It is entirely possible, she used some of the other church goers to give legitimacy to her despicable plans.

As if the thought of these evil people kidnapping children is not bad enough, one has to consider this... Why is Bill Clinton advocating on their behalf ? Clinton brokers deal over Haiti orphan abductions. Why come to their rescue at all?

This is not acceptable that these Americans attempted to steal children and take them into another country (Dominican Republic) Into the waiting arms of their advocate and partner in crime Mr. Puello.
But, here is Mr. Clinton, intervening on behalf of child traffickers?
I find that incredible.
Who appointed Mr. Clinton decision maker for the country of Haiti? How does he supersede the wishes of the Haitian people? How does he justify intervening in favour of child traffickers?

Listen to the words of Bill Clinton at Davos

“This is an opportunity to reimagine the future for the Haitian people, to build what they want to become, not rebuild what they used to be,'' Clinton told the global oligarchs at the World Economic Forum [1] in Davos, Switzerland.

Haiti, the land of opportunity. Opportunity for who?

In one sweeping sentence, Clinton claimed a kind of sovereignty over the Haitian people’s very imaginations, assigning himself the right to filter what was good or bad about Haiti’s past, and what is permissible in the future. Haitians are no longer allowed to possess their own dreams and remembrances, which have apparently been placed in United Nations trusteeship, under control of UN special envoy to Haiti, Bill Clinton.
I am quoting from an excellent article U.S. Attempts to Erase Haitian Nationhood

Proud Haiti has been reduced to a de facto “protectorate” of the United States – a grotesque form of non-sovereignty in which the subjugated nation is “protected” by its worst enemy.

Haiti, a subjugated nation, for the benefit of white, rich elitists....
This subjugation by the powerful of the powerless is what allows Bill Clinton to advocate on behalf of child traffickers.
It is a sick, twisted world.


  1. The licensed lawyers are members of the BAR association. They exists to feed us to the banks and maintain the illusion of "justice" in their equity courts.

    I think you would be better off being defended by any non licensed person than an attourney.

    They are at the bottom of the rabbit hole, they are the bottom of this evil pit we live in - maintaining the illusion of justice while feeding us to the banks. There is nothing worse than lawyers.

    Send them all back to Britain and our problems would be over. People who understand the system could eliminate the debt and bring justice back to the courts in a matter of days - justice existed in the USA before the BAR got hold of its legal system.

    BAR members swear allegiance to the Crown - not justice. Where licensed lawyers live, justice cannot.

    Its all about the bankruptcy in 1933 and previous bankruptcies of the States. We either learn this en mass, or die.

    The existance of the Crown and equity law is why child slavery is allowed to exist in the first place. So its licensed attourneys are not here to stop it. Only justice can stop it and licensed attourneys don't peddle justice.

  2. doug, this doesn't have anything to do with haiti, or human trafficking or anything i posted.

    it is an interesting comment, but, if you read through all the links, you would understand that Puello is a child trafficker, passing him self off as an attorney, and is the connection to Silsby.

    This has very little to do with lawyers and lots to do with the country of haiti and it's people being ruined by elitists.
    what do you think of the post doug?

  3. "what do you think of the post doug?"

    The problem, at its very root is with the way our legal system is structured and how there is no justice.

    This guy, a child trader & war criminal, was passing himself off as an attourney, so what if a murderer was passing himself off as an assassin ?

    Its like you contrast this war criminal with attourneys to highlight the contrast of good and evil, with the attourneys being the good when they support this evil by supporting their equitable temples.

    The post made me mad - its like you were trying to say something good about lawyers- by mistake or my mis-understanding I hope.

    Its hard to say what Clintons motive is, but he has a secret allegiance to the Crown (BAR association) and protecting the equitable courts which in turn protects this kind of stuff.

    This stuff is going on in Toronto. You don't need to look at Haiti.

  4. "The post made me mad - its like you were trying to say something good about lawyers- by mistake or my mis-understanding I hope."

    nope, not trying to say anything good about lawyers, just making the point that this man is misrepresenting himself.