Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Israel to advertise it's way into your heart

read entire article at link :Making the case for Israel

“Are you fed up with the way we are portrayed around the world?” each of the three spots asks. “You can change the picture.”

The campaign urges citizens to show that Israel is modern, sophisticated and peace-loving. Brochures that provide helpful examples and statistics are being distributed by airlines.

“In light of Israel's negative image in the world, we realized that Israel had to counter the vast sums of money available to Arab countries for propaganda by taking advantage of our human resources,” explained Yuli Edelstein, the government minister responsible for public diplomacy

(OMG, that made me laugh. Israel is the country with vast, vast sums of money for propaganda, as this latest campaign clearly demonstrates. Who are these people kidding?)

“We decided to give Israelis who go abroad tools and tips to help them deal with the attacks on Israel in their conversations with people, media appearances and lectures before wide audiences. I hope we succeed together in changing the picture and proving to the world that there is a different Israel.”

And there going to spend even more money, to spread even more propaganda.

Mr. Edelstein has called his new recruits the Israeli Public Diplomacy Forces, after the name of the Israel Defence Forces, the country's military.

Only natural from rabidly militarized country their newest messengers are named after the Israeli military


  1. Is it any wonder?

    Wow, kudos to the Mop and Pail for even printing this! Compared to just a couple years ago when they disallowed even commenting on the most bias Israel stories this is certainly a step in the right direction.

    Of course there is nothing on the CBC (Cosher Broadcasting Corpse)

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  3. I wonder what people think of the British Empire. Most people don't even believe it exists. Truly astounding - especially when the BAR has a monopoly on justice in most countries.

    I don't have an opinion on Israel Inc thats any different than USA inc, Canada Inc. To me they are all the same- arms of the same monster.

  4. No Doug, they are NOT the same. Canada can be criticised without landing someone in deep shit, career ruined etc; the US can be criticised as well - but say anything about Israel and you are a Jew-hating Anti-semite and should be gassed or worse.

    I know all about the British Empire and the Empires before that as well - scratch the surface and you find the moneylenders who hide behind their sky daddy, though they really couldn't give a shit about any of that 'religious' claptrap and they have zero problem with sacrificing their own who they rule over using fear and induced victim mentality. Talk about the original f*n sheep.

  5. A most interesting post. I bet a lot of the people of India have a lot to learn.

    - Aangirfan

  6. "but say anything about Israel and you are a Jew-hating Anti-semite and should be gassed or worse."

    Right, but that is to distract us from the REAL truth. Everybody blames Israel and shuts up. No one considers the real underlying truth.

    Israel policy is Empire policy. If Canada was down there we would be doing the same thing and Israel (up here) wouldn't be allowed to criticise it.

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  8. Thinking in terms of nation and not empire is the trap.

    Its the BAR association that doesn't let us criticise Israel. Lets remember who the rulers are.

  9. Israel is a shithole, if they admit it or not most people know that. Maybe it's time to flush the pot and watch the turds float away in the Red Sea. As god found out, can't seem to burn them as there are always more survivors than victims, so maybe it's time to drown them AGAIN. Just this time NO boats, not even one.

  10. All of it, the whole Jerusalem New World Order sits on a foundation of law. Israel doesn't put "anti semites" away in jail, the BAR association does. They have the monopoly on law. They say we cannot take Obama out of office for not being American. They will not allow the truth about 9/11 to enter their courts. They will not prosecute empire war criminals.

    We suffer for a lack of justice, not crimes, crimes will always exist. What is needed is a "justice" system based on well known principles (slavery, murder, drug dealing, corrupt money all illegal) to solve these problems.

    Instead we have the BAR association.

  11. Okay Doug, I'll bite - how?

    How when people won't (or are prevented) to take the first step?

    We are all describing the same thing here I think - we're all railing against the machine. I think most of us realize what that machine is as well - in a myriad of its expressions.

    People need to peel the layers off for themselves and Israel is one of the most rotten of layers which leads to the stinking core.

  12. I don't know what you mean by how ?

    Lets suppose someone said something bad about Canada and someone else wished to prosecute. How would they do it ? They would go to the BAR association and see if the BAR associating would take the case. Same as criticising Israel.

    Remember, all of the people we elect are BAR association members with the exception of a very few.

  13. Israeli BAR association:

    Canada BAR association

    ...on and on and on...

    See the similarities ? Those scales represent Equity law- law of commerce. The whole thing is set up to protect our system of commerce. Its not the "scales of justice".

    What does BAR stand for ? British Association Regency. Its all British. The Americans got it late in the 1800's just around the same time as the Fabians.

  14. Okay, I see your point.

    But Doug, one must allow others to tear their own layers off.

    I agree with you that 'lawyers' are scum and are part of the problem, but and this is a big but - how do WE fix it NOW?

  15. Get people to think...beyond Alex Jones, et all.

    Get them into the redemption movement where they can learn about how the courts work and that the USA inc can be crumpled up and thrown into a trash can. The whole problem is all in our imagination.

    STOP ELECTING LAWYERS !!! For Gawd sake !!!!

    Tell lawyers they are number one with your middle finger when you see them. They laugh at our stupidity and know what they are doing and who they work for.

  16. "Involuntary Slavery" is immoral, but we volunteer ever time we use the "name" in court. We volunteer to be the surety for the "name".

    I am Douglas H of the Plumb family. I retain my unalienable rights. If I am Douglas H. Plumb, then I am a slave.

    The empire needs slaves. Without debt slaves they cannot operate.

    Learning this stuff is how we come to understand the courts. Its a war of the mind.

  17. That's an encouraging bar graph, Penny. I see it is the results of a survey conducted in 2007.

    I wonder what it would look like now after the last Gaza massacre?

  18. Doug, over the past few months I've been looking into all of this.I've listened to Rob Menard, Mary Croft, The Anti Terrorist et all and find it absolutely fascinating. One thing they all say is that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and that if you're serious about reclaiming sovereignty, one has to delve deep and be prepared to learn a lot.

    I read a bit about the BAR being British 'Accreditation' Regency but have found no evidence of this other than the usual alternative websites. In fact, I think this is a bit of a red herring, but what do I know? I'm not a member of the BAR (whatever it is)

  19. I've been reading this stuff for about a year. The stuff you mention is surface stuff- its not really deep into it.

    I know for a fact that lawyers represent the Crown and what the Crown is, I know this from a lawyer - that lawyer was bragging about it.

    But to get deeper into this you have to get to the point where you understand the PDF "What Is Accepted For Value ?" and where it is wrong. It takes a lot of reading and thinking, but also a lot of meditation on what you read.

    You also have to talk about it, join a group like Creditors In Commerce. Some of this stuff is pure bovine excrement, other stuff is pure gold. Most of the people in these groups just want a free lunch, but some want and some have great understanding. Many people study for ten years or more.

    Really, "Invisible Contracts" is very good.

  20. The PDF is "What Does Accepted For Value Mean?" The hardest thing you will ever read I bet. It was for me.

    Look for stuff from "The Informant"

  21. While the cat's away, the mice do play?

    Well this cat is back! lol!

    Let's see...

    Yeah, I was totally surprised to see this one at the G & M.

    Now, this is where you should have been talking about propaganda, and you missed the boat on that one.

    As Maggie rightly pointed out, criticism of Israel, the apartheid state, the human rights abuser, can cost one their job, professional reputation, and may even cost someone their life.

    your response

    "Right, but that is to distract us from the REAL truth. Everybody blames Israel and shuts up. No one considers the real underlying truth.Israel policy is Empire policy.

    Everybody blames Israel, but, for what Doug?
    You kind of touch on the fact that their policy is the policy of 'empire' and I don't disagree.
    But, when you generically say
    "everybody blames Israel"
    You are bolstering their victim ideology. Poor Israel, always the victim.
    But,a country with an agenda bent on Empire is not a victim country. It is an agressor nation, a war criminal nation, a human rights abuser.
    And yes, Israel shares that distinction with other nations to be sure, both Britian and America to name but two others.
    But, though they may share that commonality, it makes their crimes no less excusable.

    Therefore, getting back to this post. Israel has a PR problem, rightfully so. Rather then address their inhumane ways, they are again, opting to spread more propaganda to colour people perceptions.
    And that is the problem.
    Israel's heavy use of propaganda.
    Rather then be a good neighbour, rather then work towars peace, rather then stop the use of phosphorous to burn people alive, rather the stopping the use of human shields, rather then stopping the killing of maiming of children, rather then stopping the abuse heaped on peace workers and observers that come to the occupied territories, rather then not run a bulldozer over Rachel Corrie, Israel chooses to throw more bullshit out at the world, and that is the problem.

  22. Aangirfan;
    The people of India will catch on soon enough, the whole Mumbai affair will change perceptions, or at least that is my opinion.

    Silverfish: while your language is far more colourful than mine, and as usual you don't mince words, it does appear that most people the world over realize Israel is a problem nation.
    I don't think any amount of advertising or promotion is going to help that.

    yes, it is an encouraging bar graph, it is good to see such awareness.
    Yeah, I do wonder what it would like at this point in time myself, I hadn't thought of that aspect of the survey. Operation Cast Lead and the Goldstone report can't have helped, despite the spin.

    Hey Edo!
    Just Hey!!!

    And I think I am all typed out.

  23. Everybody knows what Israel does to the Palestinians, everyone knows what anti-semitism is all about, so trying to bandage it just makes everyone say "look at rotten Israel"- exactly what the empire wants.

    That stuff is not anymore to convince us Israel is good than the official version of the 9/11 attacks were to convince us of bin Ladens guilt. Bad Bush, Bad United States, Bad UN, Bad Israel, Bad wars. No bad British Crown- good courts - if only we could get these groups to court !! - to the BAR association - they are justice !!

    The world is hfalling apart because we have no justice.

  24. “We must delegitimize the delegitimizers,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

    that's the spirit bibi. just keep spinning and spinning, faster and faster....

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