Monday, February 8, 2010

Low Intensity Operations:Subversion, Insurgency, PeaceKeeping

Hei Hu Quan kindly left a most informative response to the blog post, Pakistan School Bombing, attempted false flag gone bad?

Here is a part of the response.

"This is S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for false flag operations in a targeted country. First order of business is to begin calculated destabilization of the country through the establishment of what is known as 'Pseudo-Gangs' (Google: British General Frank Kitson). Pseudo-gangs are the creation by the aggressor nation of a false terror organization that is masked as organic and indigenous. They are specifically used to run black terrorist operations and counter-insurgent methodologies"

Well I did take the time to look up British General Frank Kitson.
And if anyone is interested in his work, his handiwork, if I may, you will be interested in this book.

The essential handbook on counter-insurgency.
Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, Peacekeeping - Frank Kitson
I would suggest everyone give this a read.


  1. anyone download the pdf?
    Hope someone did?
    That's why I put it here?

  2. I have, but haven't had a chance to read it yet. Thanks, Penny, and thanks to Hei Hu Quan for bringing to our attention Kitson and the long history of British treachery in using 'pseudo-gangs', read terrorists

  3. hey I wasn't tryin to be all tyrannical or anything, I was just thinking, get it before it is gone.

    I haven't read it yet either, am unsure when I will get to it.

    I am on another book right now.

    2012 science or superstition,
    pretty interesting..
    It is the companion book to a documentary of the same name, saw the documentary over the week-end, but it was the book that made me want to see the doc.

  4. You're most welcome James, just throwing my lot into the mix. Much thanks Penny, for your proactivity in tracking down that PDF. You are most correct, your readers should all avail themselves of this tract, if only to save it for the next generation. Kitson's theories and operations are being used today 'round the world and yes, in the UK and US. It is the playbook for straight thugs and gangsters operating at the behest of besuited demons.

    You should know that "Insurgents" comprise anyone who stands against being occupied, oppressed or whom otherwise resists control, unrelenting avaricious plunder of their resources and sustained violation of their person and inherent freedom.

  5. download here pdf: