Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Private planes & passengers not subjected to same security as commercial travelers

The crotch bomber, Captain underwear, or 'there is an itch in my gitch', whatever label you choose to apply to him, he is alleged to be the reason for tightened restrictive and invasive airport security-

Good thing for him that his visa was NOT REVOKED, yes, I said not revoked at the specific request of US intelligence agencies.
But, his impossible & amazing good luck is the bringer of all other air travellers bad luck.
I am speaking of the aformentioned airport security.
But that stringent, invasive airport security in not to be applied to everyone.

Citing industry objections, the Transportation Security Administration is preparing to scale back a controversial plan to expand aviation security rules for the first time to thousands of private planes.

TSA officials said this week they expect to issue a revised plan this fall that will significantly reduce from 15,000 the number of U.S.-registered general-aviation aircraft subjected to tougher rules. Also, instead of mandating that all passengers aboard private planes be checked against terrorist watch lists, name checks in many cases could be left to the discretion of pilots, they said.

"It's a victory for the general-aviation lobby"

"There's no good reason to exempt jets that [carry 10 to 12 passengers] from a simple check of passengers' identities."

" the domestic private air-travel industry, a $150 billion-a-year business, has flooded DHS with opposition."

So if you have a private plane, or can afford to travel in a private plane you aren't beholden to the same security as the peons are.
Money talks... is the adage that comes to my mind, and for everyone else there is radiation exposure from naked body scans.


  1. I'm So glad that they have eased up on these rules, why just the other week I was going to fly up to the cabin, yuh know just to check up on a few things. The problem was that I was carrying along my ole scatter gun, yuh know juz in case I came upon a varmint or a bar or sumthin whilst I was out in the wilds. Well after I had put meself through the scanner(it's not really a scanner, more like an old photo copy machine but hey it looks really cool)I found that due to the security protocols in place I simply couldn't allow myself to board the plane and seeing hows I'm the pilot it left me in a quandary. Not only that but the dogs were getting a bit antsy looking up at me as if to say what the hell are we gonna do dad, like if yuh don't drop the heat yuh can't get on the plane and if yuh don't git on the plane who the hell is going to peddle this chicken Huh Dad Huh.

    In the end I just shoved the gun down my pant leg and sneaked past the dogs which also act as security(they're so dumb) but I felt real guilty about it, I don't mind tellin yuh.

    To bad I don't have Stews on board as they would have been really impressed, what with that long thick bulge running down my inseam an all"wink".

  2. "but I felt real guilty about it, I don't mind tellin yuh."

    no guilt necessary. Feel free to just board the private plane, carrying what ever it is you may wish... security does not apply to you ;)