Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ukraine: balkanization/distraction for Russia?

The recent election in the Ukraine saw the election of Viktor Yanukovych.
Obama congratulated him on behalf of the US.
Canada congratulated the Ukraine on their successful election.

By all accounts the election was fair and democratic.
The European election monitors praised the election that was held Sunday, calling it an “impressive display” of democracy

Yet, the 'gas princess' Yulia Tymoshenko will not concede, though she lost by 3.5 percentage points to Mr. Yanukovich. How can she not concede her loss?
Does she not practice the democracy she preaches?
Does she not agree the rights/the choice of the Ukrainian population have to be respected?

What is going on here?
Are the western countries paying lip service to the new and democratically elected leader? While playing a game of political intrigue behind that same leaders back?
One of the reasons I follow this area, is because it is so strategically important to both the West and Russia.
Does anyone really think that the West would let the Ukraine go, with out a fight of some type?

I am not of the mind that Ms Tymoshenko would be this brazen for personal egotistical reasons.
So, if she is refusing to concede, what backers are encouraging her to hold on to power?

The Ukraine election is likely a signal of a similar election outcome being replayed in Georgia.
Because the people are not so impressed with their western puppet there.
In Georgia, signs of problems ahead appeared soon after the dramatic events of November 2003."
The dramatic events of 2003 being the 'election' of the western backed puppet Mikheil Saakashvili.
From there, things got worse. Media were stifled, subsequent elections manipulated, and the judiciary tamed.

The Western powers/NATO have to be aware of what the loss in the Ukraine means.
I just can't see them letting go of their client states quietly.
So, some thoughts...

Ukraine divided? Broken up into 2 smaller nations?

Or, Ukraine, one country, but it's populace divided and manipulated by two players?
(Thinking along the line of Gaza & the West Bank)

Or Ukraine, a possible military coup against the new leader, necessitating Russia's attention, while the western powers attack Iran?

Something is going on there....

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