Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ukraine Election- exit polls predict Victor Yanukovych

All exit polls are predicting a win for Viktor Yanukovych in the Ukraine.

Ukraine was today on the brink of a new political era, with polls suggesting that the pro-Russian opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych, will become the new president.

The "Gas Princess" is vowing to send her followers into the streets, if she doesn't win.
Tymoshenko threatens replay of 2004 Orange revolt

Exit polls are indicating she is not going to win, so wether she carries out her threat will remain to be seen.

The 2004 Orange revolution..... wasn't it vote fraud that saw the western favoured winner come to power? Western vote fraud.

There is an interesting article here.

What makes it interesting is the entire article laments the drop in aid for Ukrainian 'democracy' as a factor in this impending loss.

"More than five years ago, a Western-funded exit poll challenged the official results of the presidential election in Ukraine"

Western funded exit poll challenged the official results. Western funded?
So the West bought and paid for an exit poll that favoured their candidate?
That is the way it reads...

The article goes on to say, that this time there are independant research groups conducting exit polls, and they will be out in full force.

" the independent research groups behind that exit poll will be out in force again"

So what is the problem according to this article?
The independant research groups conducting the exit polls are lacking in western funding. Budgetary short falls.

"U.S. financial aid intended to bolster Ukraine's fledgling democracy has fallen sharply in recent year"

An acknowledgment that the West bought and paid for the exit poll results needed to justify the Orange revolution? It does seem that way, but then it goes further.
Not just that western money paid for favourable exit polls. That in fact, US money had made the Orange revolution possible!

"the (aid) decline in Ukraine is striking because U.S. money had helped make the Orange Revolution possible in the first place"

Interesting? Sure is!
US money bought and paid for the right exit polls and US money funded the Orange revolution.
Is that an admission of western vote fraud in the Ukraine's previous election?
Seems to be.

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