Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Is Schwarzenegger running with the Olympic torch?

The IOC has no problem with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger running with the Olympic torch, despite his past admission of steroid use.
He is a governor of an American State, California to be specific.
He has not been associated with the Olympics?
And he is not Canadian.
So, did Canada have no Premiers that could run the torch?
No mayors in British Columbia?
City Councillors?
NAU... ?

Just a little update!

Schwarzenegger unworthy to carry our Olympic torch

"It is an utter disgrace that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is to carry our Olympic torch. John Furlong and VANO C should be ashamed of themselves for embarrassing all Canadians"
Embarrassing Canadian isn't all of it!

More - Why is Schwarzenegger a torchbearer?

But what really bugs me is the symbolism in the pass off.

"Today, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger brought in the dawn by doing his duty with the Olympic torch, handing off to track star great Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London 2012 Summer Olympics"

This is supposed to be a Canadian Olympics, right?
Here we have a US Governor, handing the torch to Sebastion Coe, chairman of London 2012.
So what did the Govenator have to do with the Olympics, besides nothing? Oh yeah, nothing.
Would it not have been far more appropriate to have a Canadian associated with the Vancouver Olympics, pass the torch to the chairman of the London Olympics?
So the torch symbolically goes from Canada to Britain?
Instead we get the Austrian born, US governor, on steroids passing the torch?
Nothing says Canada is already part and parcel of the US and NAU, like this symbolic torch hand off.


  1. The IOC may not have a problem with him running, his heart may though!

  2. I remember Arnie, duing the 1970's and the release of his movie, "Pumping Iron". Pics here
    Scroll down 2/3 of the way down to see Arnie "pumping".
    Also other strange pics on that link such as, eddie Murpht lol. anyway don't spend an inordinate amount of time on those salacious pics. :P

  3. I might add, Arnie had a huge following amongst the gay waiters I worked with . They thought he was wonderful.
    I would venture to guess, the demographic watching, Pumping Iron, was overwhelmingly gay.

  4. Whats the bet that the US does REALLY well in these Olympics? Even in events that they have NEVER done well in before. My bet is that they will dominate the events and it ain't gonna be because of talent. Just think of Russian judges of past Olympics.

    As for Arnie, I hear that he's gonna do a new Terminator called "the Snow Queen Sucks" or perhaps it's gonna be "Revenge of the Snow Ballers". So they let him carry the torch of past glory.

  5. one big happy family pen, just depends on who you know. haha

    and Peter where do you find this stuff, what a bunch of whack jobs.

  6. I couldn't give a shit about the f*n olympics

  7. one big happy family is right!
    Family of psychos.

    hey Maggie, that is not right, you are supposed to 'believe'
    did you not get your programming right?

    Your supposed to be there with the cheering idiots for arnie, ooh Arnie came to town.

    and they altered the route past protestors for Arnie, because he is so important

    Oh and btw, the games have not even begun and someone has died.

    From Georgia on the luge run.

    Luger from Georgia dead after high-speed crash at Olympics

  8. one of the more interesting comments I read tied to Arnie and his torch run, is that he has ties to BC.

    Wonder what those ties are?

    Recall Arnie in an interview said that when he was 28 he had sex with a 16 year old?

    "the hit Hollywood movie actor turned politician and California Republican governor, has admitted during a Oui interview, having sex with a 16-year old when he was 28. Today men who commit similar acts in Oregon are branded sex offenders and placed in correctional facilities"

    Among other sex scandals he had been embroiled in.

    The guy is a real piece of work!

    Thinking of BC and it's issue of human trafficking

    makes me wonder?????

  9. AP, I had personal experience in Manhattan during the 1970's(1977-78). That weekly newsPaper(my link) was an eyeopener for a naive country boy like me, it left an indelible mark on my psyche. The weekly paper was proud to report the supposed "shenanigans". From their perpsective harmless recreation. From my perpspective Sodom & gomorah come to life!!
    Needless to say, their reporting is very useful for my recollection.
    They document their crime, as far as I am concerned. Their arrogance may come back to haunt them.

  10. The Olympics are elitist, so is Swarzenegger. I couldn't give a sh*t about it either, but Arnie is perfect.

    The whole idea of the Olympics is to reinforce the idea of the superman. Really, many people could achieve these levels of athletic performance if they trained hard enough and wanted it badly enough.