Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 released in the Irish 'terror' case including American 'jihad janie'

Yawn.... 4 of the alleged terrorist suspects in the alleged Irish terror ring, were released!

I was waiting for this...because the total lack of evidence with regards to the 'jihad jane' character was indicative of the fact there was no evidence of wrong doing on the part of any of the others.
And... another blonde alquaeda, 'jihad janie'!
Yup, jihad janie. How can anyone take this serious, any of this stuff ??
Why do these so called terror monikers have to sound like cartoon characters??
Is this so dumbed down people will be able to recall these names easier?
Just wondering?

So, here is the latest 4 released including another american, dubbed 'jihad janie'

Brief rundown-
- Initially 2 women and one man were released without charge
-Then a fourth was released without charge and this is our 'jihad janie'
-Just three men remain in custody

"Under Irish law, the police can hold the remaining three suspects, who were arrested on Tuesday, for a maximum of seven days without charging them."

Let's see what happens to the three remaining detainees ?
When no one is watching will they be released?

Here is the scoop on Jihad Janie, who seems to be another loser with an overbearing mother.

-Mrs. Holcomb-Mott hadn't talked to her daughter in days
-how many days? since the arrest or prior to that?

-But her daughter's behavior over the past few months, including she says, possible correspondence with a foreign national who wanted to take flying lessons in the U.S.,
If her daughter was in Ireland, where she was arrested, what would this mother know of her behaviour? Then, "Possible correspondence"? Either there was correspondance, or there wasn't, so which is it?

-Mrs. Holcomb-Mott says she had been feeling estranged from her daughter for nearly a year.
The mother and daughter rarely talked, except to argue about Ms. Paulin-Ramirez's abrupt adoption of the Islamic faith and her decision to veil herself in a hijab. These tensions existed in the household despite the longtime embrace of Islam by Mrs. Holcomb-Mott's husband, George Mott.

Additionaly from the same article "Mr. Mott, a practicing Muslim for decades"

So, Mrs Holcomb-Mott, takes issue with her daughters conversion to Islam, despite being married to a man who has for a long time embraced Islam? Does this make sense?
If she was so offended by the notion of conversion to Islam, why would she marry a man who had done just that long ago?

Keep this in mind-The Wall Street Journal hasn't reached Ms. Paulin-Ramirez and some events that her mother recounts about her daughter's home life couldn't be independently verified

So the mother can say whatever she wants.
Speaking as a mom, I am not impressed with some of what she says about her own daughter.
Publicity hungry woman, comes to mind.


  1. Perhaps it was just a Paddy joke after all.

  2. Well, I think that Janies mother is a horrid person.

    Soon she will make the talk show circuit, a cry fest on Oprah, a slug fest on Jerry Springer?

    She seems to love the attention.