Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Al Gore invests in big brother technology- Green Roads

Al Gore, the man who hopes to be the first carbon billionaire has made a recent interesting investment, through his Generation IM Climate Solutions Fund.
A product to control behaviour, in the name of the 'environment' Hence -Green Roads

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, founder and safety chief Hod Fleishman spoke about the company’s product and his pride in the association with Gore’s fund.

“Our development focuses on two main objectives: reducing traffic accidents and reducing pollution by improving driver efficiency,” said Fleishman. “We found that drivers who were involved in accidents also use up the most fuel. It all boils down to behavior. Our product aims to correct both.”

Correcting behaviour. Therfore this technology is about control. Controlling you and me.

GreenRoad 360 offers a smart network made up of sensors, an accelerometer, a GPS and proprietary algorithms to calculate the relative risk of different driving maneuvers. The information collected by the system is displayed on-screen for the benefit of the driver and transmitted to a central location for access by management.

Fleishman said that the company, now based in California, is proud of its Israeli roots.

“We all know the potential that Israel has in the cleantech sector and we put our association with Israel front and center in all our meetings.”

While currently focusing on the commercial sector, Fleishman said that in the future the company is planning to expand to the private sector too.

“We work in cooperation with insurance companies, which recognize the value of our system.”
Imagine the potential....


  1. This is the inherent problem in a technological society and its an ethical dilemma. More technology, more control can mean lives saved but more technology and control kills a little bit in each one of us.

    I think that maybe the elites know where technology is leading us and may be doing what they are doing because of where we are going.

    I've got Jacques Ellul's "Technological Society" but I haven't read it yet. I plan to very soon. Its a complex, long book.

    I think that there is a causal link between NWO and technology that makes what is happening sociologically necessary on some level.

    I hope to have something to say about this in the future.

  2. It's interesting that the WHO has now stated that 1.2 million people die on the road each year

    One has to wonder about the timing of this 'WHO' report. I am sure that Al Bore is smiling.