Friday, March 5, 2010

American connections in the Dubai assasination, that point back to Israel

Like the Israeli dual nationals who say their passports were stolen, Iowa-based MetaBank, which issued the cards, says it was unwittingly drawn into the alleged scheme.

The cards were "prepaid payroll cards" loaded up with cash and issued by one of its New York-based "program managers," a company called Payoneer, according to a statement by the the bank, which said it followed all rules in vetting the applicants.

Payoneer is an interesting company......

Payoneer raised $14 million in venture capital funding, and although it is registered in the US,most of its employees are based in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Payoneer also helps organize Birthright Israel trips, by providing debit cards for all travelers. Birthright is an Israeli charity that offers free trips to Israel for young Jews mostly from North America.

"Payoneer, is an online payment company, headed by an Israeli national named Yuval Tal, who described himself a former Israeli military commando.

A role he touted in an appearance as a commentator on Fox News four years ago.

And will get to that video at the end, just hang in there with me.

Yuval Tal is staying very quiet since the assasination, which is at odds with his normal ways-

Tal has been shielded by a wall of public relations representatives and does not respond to media requests for comments.

The surfacing of Yuval Tal’s name in the investigation for the assassination of Mahmoud Al Mabhouh in Dubai has added weight to the pile of links pointing to the involvement of Israeli elements, but Tal’s involvement is of particular interest because it unveils links to Israel’s military and intelligence community.

Usually Tal is referred to by his associates in Israel as "an outspoken Israeli patriot" despite having lived in New York for over ten years. Well the outspoken man sure isn't saying much at this time!

"During cocktail hour, Yuval was entertaining a small group of people with tales of his IDF [Israel Defense Forces] exploits and how good the IDF was and what poor and cowardly fighters the Arabs were. Specifically, he was commending how good Israeli intelligence was and how the Mossad and [Israel’s internal security agency] Shin Bet always gave him great information on his commando raids. Furthermore he said his 'colleagues' got [Hamas leaders Ahmed] Yassin and [Abdul Aziz] Rantisi and they are tracking [current leaders Khaled] Mesh’al and [Esmail] Haniyeh's movements almost every day and will get them too," he said.

One of Payoneer’s investors, Moshe Mor , is also a former Israeli military intelligence officer.

Curious and Curiouser?

Metabank is saying that all proper procedures for identification were followed.
"Standardized steps were taken in accordance with applicable regulations and industry standards to validate cardholder identities prior to card issuance," it said. "The individuals named were not on the [federal asset-control] list, and no other readily apparent method existed for Meta to determine that identity theft had been perpetrated on valid governments and their citizens."

Oh and here is the Fox appearance of Mr.Yuval Tul

"It's also not clear whether U.S. officials are investigating the matter."



  1. It's really amazing how Israeli nationals are tied to so many nefarious organisations which run under the banner of 'other' countries.

    I thought the whole point in creating Israel in the first place was to give a homeland to the Zionists. If that was the case then why hide all the time?

    Pretty messy.

    Great detective work Penny.

  2. ha ha
    "Great detective work Penny."
    I'll second that!
    Me thinks Ms Pen channels the ghost of Sherlock Holmes.

  3. That is what I thought, pretty messy.

    And these companies, so called, they seem to be mass covers for intelligence ops.

  4. Peter, lol!
    my hubby is sitting here right now, saying some times I think way too much about this stuff!

    even though he always offers input!

  5. some times I think way too much about this stuff!

    Gee Penny why can't you be like everyone else, most people only need one website, the Facebook.

    Just be satisfied with 'growing' your vegetables in 'farmville', and all those other fun social adventures, while all your personal and biometric and psyche profile data gets sent to the NSA and CIA.

    It's fun to solve the puzzles you know, very stimulating for those of us lower functioning people who don't engage our frontal lobes.

    Of course the forums are pretty good for those people too.

  6. great work pen. the fun thing about all these guys is that they talk so much blah blah blah all the time, they've said so many things they can't possibly call it all back now. so it's all out there, just waiting for some puzzle masters to put it all together hahahaha.

  7. And the Payoneer website is hosted by which is based in ... wait for it ... Israel. It has links to all sorts of Israeli websites, and if you go deep enough you can even find a connection to Comverse (remember them 9/11 truthers :-D).

    If you need any more proof just go to and put in the url for payoneer, and see what you can come up with ... you may be surprised :-D.

    Otherwise very interesting article, as always.

    Many regards


  8. Nicely researched, Pen.

    Ever wonder how badly and widely condemned the Israelis (and jews in general as a result) would be if our mass news media complex and entertainment complex weren't constantly putting out propaganda for them? I have a feeling it would something akin to all the historic events in the past when the jews were persecuted and expelled (middle east, Russia, Germay, etc).

    That clip is hilarious . . . "it is a war Israel cannot lose". Ha ha, what utter bullshit! They all talk as if there is some military conflict, as if they are under attack . . . and all that happened is an Israeli attack chopper crashed on their own side (which used to be Lebanon's side in the first place, but let's not cover that land grab, shall we?). What hilarious poppycock to have an excuse to gear up for war . . .

    "Oh no! We crashed our own chopper on our side of the border . . . let's panic! ATTACK!!!"

    He even has the gall to mention a "black hawk down" scenario, further punctuating the need for visceral emotions and visuals to accompany the propaganda.

    And that was four years ago, and it continues today, unabated.

  9. A peasant, thanks!

    "the fun thing about all these guys is that they talk so much blah blah blah all the time"

    I thought that was pretty funny too.
    But, when the heat is on the lips are sealed.

    HPrice; Many regards back atcha!
    and thanks for all the intersting info you left.

    Slozo: I wondered where you had gotten to?

    And yes, I caught the 'black hawk down' reference.
    Used to stir up some bad memories, and raw emotions no doubt, and of course to make the American audience that much more sympathetic to the 'cause'
    As far as propaganda goes, it was brilliant..but, really people have got to start seeing through this stuff.

  10. I changed the saying.

    I thought since Peter mentioned the channeling of Sherlock Holmes....

    Here is to the unravelling, isolating and exposing of every inch of scarlet thread, wherever it may lead.