Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Augustus (Bear) Owsley Stanley III speaks??

Well it seems the Bear- Augustus Owsley Stanley III has made it to my blog.
Or so it is claimed by the writer of this response?
I did check my hit counter, and the hit matches the reported home of the Bear.
Queensland, Australia.

Dave McGowan, Laurel Canyon, Mind Control via MK Ultra

bear ('Yah gotta love that name') said...

What a load of rubbish!. Why don't you read some of the interviews I have done. I made less than 400 gms acid (dose: 280 mcg). I gave half that away, the rest was sold to pay for making it. I made it because I hate black markets and do not like to put things into my body I do not know what are. I learned all I needed to know about making it (99.9% pure) by spending ~three weeks in a college library- I never took a chemistry class.

Bear (Owsley Stanley)

Hello Bear!
Thanks for stopping by. You didn't like the comment 'yah gotta love that name'
I had thoughts of Winston Howell III from Gilligans Island dancing in my head.

I guess not being the scion of a wealthy Kentucky Family with military connections, makes me wonder about these pretentious sounding names.

I'll take it that you are having an issue with the facts and figures bandied about regarding your LSD production in the David McGowan piece I was posting about?
Is this what you are disputing?

Here's an article, in which your interviewed.

For the unrepentant patriarch of LSD, long, strange trip winds back to Bay Area

The man from a wealthy political family, air forces, employed at the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab and whatever else? By all accounts, you were a major, major player in the acid scene. With Owsley acid being the 'standard' in LSD.
You don't deny it. You appear to be every bit "An unrepentant patriarch".

Curious, on what you said here

"I made it because I hate black markets and do not like to put things into my body I do not know what are."

Are you saying that you weren't the black market? What were you then, like the official supplier? I just find that an odd statement.

I get the part about wanting to have control of what goes into ones body, and I understand you are a paleolithic eater. I am familiar with that dietary ideology.
But, I have digressed... apologies.

If your indeed taking issue with the dose or hit numbers, and I do see there is a varying range in the quantities attributed to you, from what I have read you do not deny the major role played by yourself in distributing LSD, large quantities of it, freely.

Oh and one last thing Mr. Bear Owsley (I admit, I am not quite sure how to address you)

I did the math- 400grams in total, each dose being 280 mcg's.
1,000,000 micrograms in a gram divided by 280 mcg's gives 3572 'hits' multiply that by 400 and one comes to a total of 1,428,000 hits. Which is quite close to the low estimate of 1,500,000 hits attributed to yourself.


  1. Mr Owsley, speaking personally, it is quite a thrill to have you posting here. I do not pass judgement on you. I am however, fascinated by the history of your "era". Feel free to rant. You are walking history. Let the truth be known! Sincerely, a humble, merry prankster.

  2. Hey Peter!

    I admit it would be interesting if he came back.
    Well see what happens. He can if he so chooses.

    I will acknowledge I don't share the same reverence for him as you do, likely because, I was a very young child in his heydey.

    But, will concede it could be interesting

  3. Not exactly reverence Penny, more along the lines of detached, objective observer.

  4. Wow Pen, that might actually be him. And to think of all the people I badmouth at my blog and no one ever turns up.

    Hey Bear, if you do pop in I would love to hear your opinion on Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon series, particularly in the context of his pedophocracy/serial killer trip from Programmed to Kill. And no short dismissals please. That would just have us rolling our eyes.

    Otherwise Pen, I think his point as to the 400 grams was the same as Silverfish's way back when. 1.5M hits sounds like a lot but but 400 grams is actually bugger all. A pint of milk is 600 grams. Which is to say 400 grams is definitely do-able on a kitchen table.

    Never mind the details - Bear! Hit us with the big picture!

    PS Pen, it was interesting how your comments just continued to trickle in on that piece. How come this doesn't happen at my place? Anyway, did you spot your disinfo merchant? He was anonymous, sure enough -

    "1) I truly don't get the Satanic stuff. It sounds like nonsense.

    2) I've read plenty on serial killers. I don't see the need for MK Ultra. Sure it's possible that such experiments took place but on the whole it seems people are capable of committing gruesome murders without any CIA involvement."

    And that's how it's done. "sounds like nonsense"

  5. Hi Owsley --

    By any chance did you make the aspirin-tablet sized purple ones or itty-bitty orange ones?

    Forgive me for cutting right to it, but I was associated (not always on purpose) with the Neo American Church between 1967-69. They swore they only used Owsley acid and they only used the big purples or "orange sunshine".

    As a matter of personal perspective I thought the purples were laced with speed (one kept me up 30 hours). The orange was fine and mellow and if it was yours... THANKS!

    I kept some with me, dropping my last orange while standing my last night watch after 4 years in the United States Navy. It was a fine way to see my tour out, too.

    Sure, the Neo American Church was full of serious paranoids and maybe they just got the cheap stuff and lied.

    BUT IF IT WAS YOURS... yup!

  6. It's Thurston Howell III.

    Interesting to hear from Owsley. At 280 mikes per dose, 400 grams equals 1,400,000 doses.

    So 400 grams is a lot.

  7. i happen to personally know him , his x wife and kid ( s ) as well as former students and associates. he is overbearing , rude , cheap to the bone , pays for nothing if he can get away with it , a bad father and what would seem to be a woman hater and his compulsion to eat only meat and eshue anything having to do with the lant world led to his quadriple bypass ( although he would say it was BECAUSE he ate veggies before. he has a certain amount of carisma and made acid before it was illegal but apparently learned nothing from it. i admire mr. hoffman who at 100 years old was actually an enlightened soul. the bear is a hater of 50s opinions and intolerance. if you dont believe me , just talk to him for 15 min and disagree on something he says.

  8. and actually if you want to praise the real chemists of the 60s who actually put their butts on the line and were dedicated psychedelic chemist AND responsible for the orange sunshine production in the 60s , give it up for nick sand and tim sculley. they deserve the real credit.

  9. thanks for the commentary anonymous.

    I will have no opportunity to speak to the "bear" unless he appears here again.

    The person named "hoffman" you are referring to, are we talking Albert Hoffman of Sandoz, I believe???

    Nick Sand, now that name rings a bell, why?

    A book? For some reason a book???

  10. Nick Sand IS a total gentleman and scholar...
    Hope this link works.

  11. If the link I posted doesn't work for you.... Here's the original page with the link for the MP3 on it.

  12. thanks, I look forward to checking this out!

  13. @Penny... is there a way to message you?

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