Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Britian could FORCE dog owners to microchip pets

Britian, the country that puts chips in the rubbish bins, now wants to chip all the dogs, when will the madness stop?

Oh and dog owners will have to get doggie insurance!

Big brother Britian gets bigger bit by bit

This is yet more surveillance and continuous data-grabbing by government who want to have as much information on us as it can possibly have," said Dylan Sharpe, a campaigner with privacy rights group Big Brother Watch. Opposition lawmaker Nick Herbert said the proposal risked "penalizing millions of law-abiding dog owners with the blunt instrument of a dog tax."

The British government is calling this a deterrent?

"Home Office Secretary Alan Johnson said there was "no doubt that some people breed and keep dogs for the sole purpose of intimidating others."

"It is this sort of behavior that we will not tolerate; it is this sort of behavior that we are determined to stop," he said"

And chipping the dog is going to stop this, how?

It get's better-

" In a local version of the program already in place in south London, public housing tenants who refuse to chip their dogs are in violation of their rental agreement — something that could lead to them being evicted."

So, don't chip the pooch and get the boot! Great.


  1. Don't see the problem Penn, this after all the home of "Chips n Fish".

  2. Ever hopeful we wait for the death cult PTB to make that mis-step, the one where they miscalculate the opposition that will result. I wonder if this might be it? It certainly has the potential.

  3. I had a dog from a rescue centre once.
    One of the conditions of 'rescuing' a dog from there was that it had to be chipped. £70 if I remember correctly (Ker-ching)

    We were told this was so that owners and dogs could be re-united if the dog went AWOL.

    The dog did go AWOL. We never saw it again.

    By the way, it came as no surprise to me that this dog ended up in a rescue centre, as it was always doing a runner.

    RFID chips. Great for business, crap for living things.

    PS - Nobby, I don't think this has the potential to put people in a fighting mood.

  4. "chips n fish", rolling eyes!

    wondering what will it take to put the people in a fighting mood?

  5. "wondering what will it take to put the people in a fighting mood?"

    No food.
    No fuel.
    No public transport.
    No medical help.

  6. You must not be pet people . . . this has been around for a long time, and most pet owners are very much on side with it.

    Especially in the city, where pets often go missing and where citified animals can get easily confused, it is a pretty helpful thing - and I have only heard great stories about pet and owner being reunited. I use to have very close ties to a vet, and my parents used to breed dogs, so this is all from first hand sources.

    I remember that at first I did think it might be a stepping stone, and maybe it still is . . . but I actually think it's quite helpful and not at harmful to humans.

    Except for the inherent slippery slope, that is . . . but, it's a very steep slope from pet to human.

    Four legs good, two legs bad.