Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chile earthquake shortens day, and shifts axis

This is so interesting, I couldn't let it pass. Just amazing in my book!

THE devastating earthquake that has killed over 700 people in Chile and displaced over two million more has now caused our days to be slightly shorter.

Not only has it shortened the day, it shifted the axis.

But scientists say the shifting in the tectonic plates has also shifted the Earth's axis.

The Earth’s overall mass distribution has likely been altered which has made the length of a day 1.26 microseconds shorter, NASA scientists say.

"The axis about which the Earth's mass is balanced should have moved by 2.7 milliarcseconds (about 8 centimetres or 3 inches)
"It’s what we call the ice-skater effect,” David Kerridge, head of Earth hazards and systems at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh told Bloomberg.

“As the ice skater puts when she’s going around in a circle, and she pulls her arms in, she gets faster and faster. It’s the same idea with the Earth going around if you change the distribution of mass, the rotation rate changes.”

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  1. You would slow the earth rotation by fractions of a pico second just by lifting your arms into the air.

    This is nothing new. Volcanos bring mass to the surface and slow the rotation down.

    You can try this yourself if you stand on a turntable and spin with your arms out then bring them to your waist - you will spin faster. Its due to conservation of energy and a tenth grade physics experiment.

  2. This is just really a form of mysticism to get us to start worshipping scientists as gods.

    Thanks for showing this - we can see how they are recovering from global warming and rebuilding their god like status so they can start environmentalism again.

    Environmentalism has really destroyed part of the NWO plan.

  3. Penny, this is off topic, but thought it might be worth linking on the front page with the other 'disinfo tactics' link.

    link comes via Aangirfan
    Here 'tis

  4. We are Doomed I tell Yuh Doomed. OMG if this keeps up, another earthquake here and another one there losing microseconds like there is no tomorrow, OMG soon enough there will be no tomorrow and we will be dipping into our Daylight savings time bucket just to read our bullshit news papers by.

    I'm telling Yuh Penn the end is near and it's getting closer all of the time.

    But fer now it's off to the B.A.R to have a shot of Scotch while there is still time, Cheers

  5. hey doug;

    I just thought it was interesting.

    James, I shall check it out

    silverfish; stay out of the woods, ok, and stop scaring the animals;)
    and leave skye alone!

    mumble, mumble, we women folk gotta stick together :)