Monday, March 29, 2010

Diplomat Robert Fowler- Good speech

I give this man credit. He had the guts to call it as he see's it! His speech is from the Liberal party meeting. Nice to hear some truth telling.

On Israeli favouritism displayed by both the Liberals and Conservatives:

Fowler also charged that both the Liberal and Conservative parties are contributing to turmoil in the Middle East and fostering international terrorism by pandering to Jewish voters in Canada with blindly uncritical support for Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He said in using foreign policy exclusively for domestic purposes and "scrambling to lock up the Jewish vote,"



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  2. For a diplomat, I would say that Fowler's analysis is quite shoddy... but I guess he swims in the same fishbowl as the Zionists and drinks their urine all day...

    Hint: it's not "The Jewish Vote"... it is the nominal "Jewish" power groups under control of the Bronfmans and other Zionists.

    Let's see if my comments on the NP will stand:

    Fowler is right that Canada's policies favour "Israel" to our detriment.

    However the problem is not "Jewish voters". The "Jewish voters" are just a blip - the real problem is organized Zionism.

    It is the Zionist groups - the nominal "Jewish groups", administered by billionaires, and the Zionist media including the CBC, often presided over by representatives of this ruling class.

    They have the power to make or break polluticians.

    That is why we have a bunch of "Israel" toadies in Parliament.

    We have Zionist Occupied Government in Canada no matter Harper, Ignatieff or Layton.

    Google Ziofascism

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  4. That is a pretty good last comment there by ddazuk... I wonder if mine will go through, with the jab against the CBC in there... I notice the NP doesn't pre-moderate comments but the CBC does:

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  9. Just thought I would mention that of course the idiots in the Harper government including the abrasive loud mouth racist immigration minister Jason Kenney, and nope I am not calling him names, that is an accurate description of that buffoon, are dismissing the comments made by Robert Fowler.

    The federal Conservatives are rejecting accusations from a former high-ranking diplomat that Canada's foreign policy has been compromised by political obsessions with ethnic voters.

    oh and if you wanna laugh out loud read this quote directly from the gaping mouth of Jason Kenney

    “I think we should have a principled approach everywhere. And a principled approach means supporting democracy and opposing terrorism.”

    He wouldn't know what democratic, principled approach is.

    How many trips to Israel, Kenney?
    How many gifts?

  10. I wonder what is meant by the phrase "More recently, as special UN envoy to Niger, he was kidnapped by Al-Qa'ida in December 2008 and held captive in the Sahara for 130 days." Does this mean locked up, tortured and re-programmed by the CIA ?

    Its amazing that he said all this in the speech you linked to - amazing to find that in print spoken by a Canadian diplomat.

    Is Israel headed for the chopping block ?

    I think the war in Afghanistan is really an example of where the machine meets the human in direct terms - here you have a spiritual, incredibly tough natural man who can survive in the temperature swings of the desert and mountains while owning nothing but a blanket to keep warm and a rifle while eating bugs going against the most modern of modern man, a man who is wholly assimilated to the machine in the most complete way, machines to aid him in his task, others to tell him what he he thinks - the modern soldier.

    Captain Picard vs the Borg to the power of 100.

  11. The Afghan people are tough, they live in a tough country, so they have to be well..tough.

    There is a reason they call this country the graveyard of empires.

    They, the afghan people, have very short life expectancies, so harsh is the survival.