Monday, March 22, 2010

Human trafficker Laura Silsby, tried twice to kidnap children!

The Haiti child trafficking incident has just got a little more interesting.

Laura Silsby, the last of the so called do-gooders, has been charged for a newly discovered attempt at taking Haitian children across the border, into Dominican Republic.

Where it looks as if they would have been directed into the loving arms, of the human trafficker Jorge Puello.

Here is the Silsby update:

Just three days prior to her attempt to move 33 children across the border, she had tried to move 40 children and been stopped!

Judge Bernard Saint-Vil says Laura Silsby has been charged for a newly discovered, alleged attempt to bus child earthquake survivors to the Dominican Republic on Jan. 26.

I'll repeat that:

Silsby, who led the team, now is accused of attempting to take 40 children out of Haiti without proper paperwork on Jan. 26, three days before the 10-member team was prevented from crossing the border into the Dominican Republic with 33 children.

I seriously question the innocence of the already released christians in this despicable incident.


  1. Sometimes the most 'unassuming' people are the most guilty.

    Nice catch as always Penny. I too think these so-called missionaries knew exactly what they were doing.

  2. I was thinking...
    is this an example of the judeo-christian values that are alleged to be shared between christians and jews?

  3. This was a nice catch Penny.

    Its always those "do - gooders" isn't it ?

  4. Good reporting, good journalism.

    Also worth noting, the hard work done by Bill Clinton to broker a deal to free the Christo extremist kidnappers in Haiti, supported by Obama.

    Also worth noting, the many deceptive and misleading articles at 'trusted' site rawstory on this issue.

    Once Bush and Clinton were chosen to oversee 'relief' the end game was obvious. More rape and destruction, more theft of the oil.
    And to think that most Canadians believe we are helping in Haiti. Tragic.

  5. Hey Pen, nice one. As for shared values, kind of... they are examples of the satanist values that are shared between Christians and Jews.

  6. hey doug- what is that saying about watching out for whomever bearing gifts?


    hey anonymous:
    I did go and check out rawstory.
    I don't ever read there so this was a first for me.
    If I may, they seem to be a democratic party apologist site parading as alternative.

    Since, I have no use for either oppisame party, in the US and Canada, I know I would steer clear of what they write,as everything will be slanted.

    And the whole one side vs the other is so useless to people and useful to the ptb's.

    Nobody; agreed, satanists, psychopaths, degenerates, pick your label, there is sure as hell alot wrong with Puello and Silsby!

  7. Seems she's in trouble in Idaho too;