Friday, March 12, 2010

Increased Pakistan attacks the result of western intelligence asset arrests?

Recall on the week-end, Sunday March 6th to be exact, the release of the latest Adam Gadahn/Pearlman video?
Quickly followed by the surprise announcement that Pakistan had arrested the infamous 'american alquaeda'.
Even more surprising, or unexpected was the US seeming to be doing damage control over the arrest.
I have already covered it here, but would like to expand a bit on the whole story so bear with me.

When Pakistan , sort of, reversed their earlier assertions regarding the arrest of Gadahn
This was the new improved story.
Pakistan identified the suspect as Abu Yahya Majadin Adam, A name very close to that is listed on the FBI's Web site as an alias for Adam Gadahn
You understand , it is not Adam Gadahn, but someone with the same name as one of Gadahns alias. You understand, right ?
That is, in my opinion, some fancy word play with names or identities.
The bottom line- it would seem Gadahn was arrested.

In the responses to the Gadahn/Pearlman post James mentioned something else quite interesting. The role of Pakistan in the arrest of the Rigi brothers

That would be the arrests of 3 Western assets in total.
Which would surely result in some angry people, wearing egg on their faces.

THen James took it a little further- and I quote

"The next question then is, "Can we expect more terror bombings in Pakistan and/or even in Dubai from Mossad et al?"

The increase in terror bombings would be, of course, in retaliation for the arrests of the Rigi brothers and Adam Gadahn/Pearlman (the american alquaeda)

Well James, the answer to that is YES!
This has been a deadly week in Pakistan. Six blasts in Pakistan this week.
Let me give you a little round up.
Updated: Saturday March 13, there has been another attack Saidu Sharif, Pakistans Swat Valley Killing at least 13 people in the latest bloody reminder of the region's instability.
Friday: There have been five more "low intensity blasts" today in Lahore.
Preceded earlier in the day by two deadly suicide bombings
Which were actually preceded by bombings earlier this week in Lahore.
A gun and grenade assault at the 'world vision' (cia) offices (in which of course, only Pakistani nationals were killed)
On Monday a suicide bomber at security offices, which killed 14.

So by all accounts this has been a very deadly week in Pakistan with more terror bombings then had been the 'usual'

Is this connected to the arrests? Well, If I was a connect the dots kind of person, oh, wait a minute- I AM !

So we definitely have our increase in attacks, which would be the result of western interests being really annoyed with Pakistan.

And you can't dismiss the very timely appearance of Jihad Jane.

The all new, every woman, your neighbour and mine, the stuff of your worst nightmare a blonde terrorist!

Adam Gadahn/Pearlman is just so yesterday!


  1. I wonder what Webster Tarpley would say about all this.

  2. Pretty predictable, Penny, isn't it?
    It's looking to me that elements in Pakistan have had enough of these deadly Mossad/CIA tantrums.

    Israel, from its perspective, doesn't have allies, nevermind friends, only expendable patsies. There is absolutely no benefit in making a deal with a liar, especially a documented, habitual, compulsive liar. Maybe the comprador class in these Muslim countries are finally waking up like Erdogan in Turkey. Lets hope so. And lets hope they use isolation rather than return violence as the answer.

    " He who would sup with the Devil, needs a looooong spoon, indeed."

  3. Negroponte

    (who is now the chair, IIRC, of the council of the Americas - so expect alot more shit happening there soon too)

  4. sheesh, I had to update the attack list, as there has been another one, that is 6 attacks in one week!