Monday, March 15, 2010

Jihad Jane & the Irish arrests: Criminal connection or a political agenda ?

Something has been buggin' me for the past couple of days, about this whole Jihad Jane and the arrest of the 7 people in Ireland. There is supposed to be a connection between the two?

I am not making it, I can't put it together, and here is what is on my mind...

It is reported that Jihad Jane was arrested in October of 2009 and has been sitting in jail ever since her arrest. I covered that here.
But, let me reiterate for the sake of making my point.

-Colleen LaRose aka 'Jihad Jane' agreed to pre-trial detention on October 23, 2009.
- She waived her right to be indicted within 30 days" She has been incarcerated for 5 months now.
-She was just indicted Tuesday March 9/2010
-Her indictment coincided with the arrests in Ireland of the Waterford 7
The arrests supposedly are connected to an alleged plot to kill a Swedish artist.
-Coleen LaRose who was arrested in October 2009, but , not indicted until March 9/2010 is alleged to have been a co-conspirator in the plot to kill the Swedish 'artist'

So, here is my question.
Why wait 5 months to make additional arrests in Ireland if there is a legitimate connection?

Or asking the same question another way?
Why wait until Colleen LaRose's indictment is made public 5 months after her arrest, to round up her alleged co-conspirators in a conspiracy to kill ?

Wouldn't it be more prudent, from a law enforcment point of view to arrest her alleged co-conspirators after she has been arrested, instead of waiting 5 months for the indictment?
If they had enough information to warrant the arrest of Ms Jihad Jane, 5 months ago, then the evidence was surely there to arrest her alleged co-conspirators?

I am also left pondering the possibility that the arrest of the Waterford 7, as of yesterday the Waterford 3, was part and parcel of another agenda.

"The suspects, who made Irish legal history by appearing in the first private hearings at Waterford court so that police could extend their periods of detention up to a maximum of seven days"

The first private hearings- Irish legal history?
What is really going on here? Are these arrests being used to further a political agenda, of creating draconian laws, of restricting freedoms, creating the justification of private trials??

With thanks to Scott ! - Colleen LaRose aka 'jihad jane'indictment


  1. The excuse for the time delays is the obligatory, "We didn't want to jeopardize ongoing investigations."

    The Irish thing is especially odd. I mean, the first private hearing ever?!

    This whole thing stinks.

    I was reading her indictment on scribd, and it goes over some specifics, many of which are not particularly damning.

    I'm curious about CC#1 (co-conspiractor no. 1) and CC#3, listed in the indictment, who recruited her into this whole terr'ist 'plot'. Perhaps Al-CIAda?

  2. Come on Penn, the whole thing is starting to take on the air of the keystone cops. There is a reason that the British tell Paddy jokes.

    Now I have nothing against the Irish but besides fairly good whiskey and a really great stout not much of anything worthwhile ever came out of Ireland.

    What better bunch could one ask for to do things in the most ass backwards way possible than the Irish police? If one wants something to fall flat on it's face this would be the way to do it.

  3. "...not much of anything worthwhile ever came out of Ireland."

    What about St. Patricks day and Irish music (Riverdance) ?

  4. Irish stew, four leaf clovers, the greatest accents ever, jigs, pubs, great music - Ireland has lots to offer, beautiful country.

  5. hey scott, thanks for stopping by!

    The obligatory excuse, is just that an obligatroy excuse and is pretty much worthless.

    And yeah, i find the whole Irish angle, really odd.

    But now that he precedent is set, it is done.
    Arrests, detentions and private trials have/or about to begin in Ireland.
    This cannot be good.
    If you come back and have a handy link for the indictment that you would like to leave, that would be great!

  6. Ah, silv!
    but you mentioned two things you consider worthwhile.
    Whiskey and really great stout.

    Doug and maggie have filled in with more.

    Having never been to Ireland, but, seeing pictures of it, the one thing that has always stuck with me about Ireland.

    Lovely landscapes, very green.

    Oh and I have a great Irish friend with an accent that kills, and she always has a kiss on the cheek for me. She is a wonderful old gal!
    When she lived in Ireland, and this was long ago, she was, a barmaid!

  7. They do have the greatest accents don't they ? Followed by the English.

    What is a jig ? You mean the tool for cutting wood ?

    They do have great music, Waterboys are great.

  8. I seriously wonder how it is that so many great things come from such a small place - consider France - what came out of France ? a few philosophers, the idea of freedom, but they don't have their own music - in fact who else does ?

    Has anyone listened to Michael Tsarion ? He says the cradle of civilization is in Ireland. Fascinating guy really.

  9. Here's the indictment:

    The 'overt acts' is the good part.

    Several media reports have suggested that JJ was a recruiter, but all I see is anonymous CC#1 and CC#3 luring her into this whole deal. I believe CC#1 is her 'fiance'.

    She makes a colorful media character, but she was not the instigator of this terr'ist plot.

  10. thanks scott, I have read through it quickly and I see what you mean with regards to CC #1

    CC # 1 expressed a desire for jihad and to become a 'shahed' but, 'JJ' had never said that initially.

    (though she replies in like)

    Then Jan02/09 CC # 2 contacts JJ and expressed the desire for jihad also.
    'JJ' replies in the same manner to CC # 2.

    looks like reinforcment of the idea?

    But, it was actually CC # 1 that mentioned a desire for jihad right off the bat, and not JJ

    Was she being baited?
    It seems so.

    Yeah, CC #3 really seems to be reeling her in, marry her, how exotic....

    Did she love the attention?

    I will have to take more time to read this thoroughly but, so far, interesting..
    thanks scott!