Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jihad Jane pleads not guilty

Having read her indictment and assuming she has some sort of deal, why not?
‘JihadJane’ pleads not guilty

"Colleen "JihadJane" LaRose pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges during her arraignment in a crowded federal courtroom."
She will remain in federal custody until her trial, which Sitarski set for May 3

Jihad Jane is alleged to have confessed

Colleen LaRose confessed to FBI agents shortly after her October arrest at Philadelphia International Airport. At least, that is the story from two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. So take that for what it is worth!

Additional details of what LaRose told the FBI could not be learned yesterday. The lawyers in the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams and Assistant Public Defender Mark Wilson, declined to comment.

LaRose is likely to follow routine legal procedure today during her arraignment and plead not guilty. Such a plea would not preclude a negotiated plea agreement; it would simply mark the start of formal court proceedings against LaRose.

Rep. Charles W. Dent (R., Pa.) had this to say "My understanding is that the cooperation has generally stopped at this point," Dent said in a telephone during a break in the hearings. "I'm not sure they're going to get much out of her going forward."

But back home, authorities - tipped off by members of the Jawa Report,(laugh out loud) a forum for civilians concerned about Islamic terrorism - had begun tracking LaRose's Web commentary and her movements.

Her arrest in Philadelphia was kept quiet, and the subsequent indictment's allegations of terrorism were sealed, until authorities in Ireland could round up her (alleged) suspected conspirators.

Interestingly? "LaRose's case was not mentioned in that hearing" Referring to the detainees in Ireland, which leads one to conclude, there were no connections to any terrorism, let alone to Colleen LaRose.

of the detainees have been charged with anything terrorist related. Five were freed without charge and two were charged with very minor, very minor charges.

So what could Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane be truly guilty of, other then stupidity and bad judgement? To my knowledge those aren't crimes.


  1. Ten bucks on a jaywalking conviction.

  2. Jaywalking?
    Anything is possible.

    You know what I found interesting, the mention that in the case of the Irish detainees, jihad jane was not mentioned at their 'trials'?

    Odd, isn't that?

    Given she is alleged to be the co-conspirator to them.

    But, what if they weren't the co- conspirators at all, as named in the indictment, what if the co-conspirators were the boobs from the Jawa report?

  3. Jaywalking? Did you know there isn't even a word for that in french or german?
    The concept even doesn't exist in France. One could get fined for 'mise en danger d'autrui' but not for not walking where the autorities tell you to walk.

    Just some random trivia.

  4. I'm tempted to infiltrate the Jawa gang and see just what they're up to. That's the tip of the spear as far these type cases go.

  5. thanks gallier, it figures in english, they have a kooky word for something as trivial as 'jaywalking'

  6. scott:
    how on earth would you go about doing that?
    They are likely quite tight and also all Jewish.