Thursday, March 11, 2010

'Jihad Jane' what a creation, a media sensation!

Caretaker by day, terrorist by night.?
Hopeless Souse or devious plotter?

Let's take a look at the woman, who apparently called herself 'Jihad Jane'
Because, she most definitely was not attempting to draw attention to herself with that name.
NO siree!

This article, rather hilariously, but accurately, describes her life as a country song.

Obviously one that goes.... you done me wrong, so I hit the bottle, then drove my car and bounced some cheques at the Pizza place. And, then I tried to kill myself.
You know that kind of country song?

For the last five years she lived with the same boyfriend and spent long days caring for his Dad

And while all this was going on, she was allegedly converting to Islam, though she was not religious, and attempting to foment terrorism?

And if you believe this story..... well what can I say, except I will go on.

Here is what she is being charged with in her recent indictment.
"Conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, specifying that Colleen LaRose recruited men and women on the internet to carry out "violent jihad" in Europe and South Asia"
What I find curious is 'Jihad Jane' was arrested October 9th/2009, that is over 5 months ago!
"Colleen LaRose - also known as Fatima LaRose and "Jihad Jane" - was arrested in Philadelphia in October 2009.
This article, most accurate media title yet! Jihad Jane, female Headley, arrested in US
I would think a female Headley is exactly what she is! Or, maybe more accurately a female Oswald? Guess that depends on the outcome of this psy-op.
LaRose, 46, a blonde with green eyes, was arrested in Philadelphia in October last year and charged with spending more than a year networking with would-be jihadis around the world.
So five months passes and we are now presented with 'Jihad Jane' interesting timing?

I am wondering with the reported arrest of Adam Gadhan/Pearlman in Pakistan, did the authorities have to come up with another 'american alquaeda' to wave at us all?

Or how about stirring up suspicions within communities, neighbour against neighbour?
Judging by the media spin I would say creating suspicion, in a divide and conquer manner, is definitely part of the agenda.
'Jihad Jane' a Main St. U.S.A. girl

Hardly! unless the media is implying the average american woman is a drunken, petty criminal.
'Jihad Jane' new face of terror in US
"average white American female"Americans shaken by Main Street USA's Jihad Jane

In other words, everyone and anyone can be a potential terrorist. Even little tiny blonde haired middle aged women. Oh My!

Outcome of this? After the initial media hysteria?
She 'cooperates' with authorities and get's a whole new life. Or she ends up dead, suicide of course, all the background one needs to make that claim credible is already present.

I do like the fact that the photos of Jihad Jane have been provided for the media by
SITE intelligence groups.

SITE intelligence groups were the releasers of the Adam Gadahn/Pearlman videos.
Draw your own conclusions!


  1. Someone once told me that the only things that one needed to know about being a plumber was that shit ran downhill and that payday was one Friday. Well I guess that for the time being at least payday is still on Friday but the shit seems to flow from Washington.

  2. good light handling of this pen. i couldn't even bring myself to touch it, so appalled am i that anyone takes anything they say seriously.

    i mean Come On. it just gets worser and worser by the day.

  3. silv, my hubby says that!
    "to be a plumber,all you have to know is shit runs down"

    Oh and the shit is definitely coming from washington in this case.

    a peasant, thanks, I didn't want to beat anyone over the head with this, because it really should be self-evident that this woman is some kind of patsy.

    Wether she saw this as a way out of her miserable life, or something else, I don't know.

    Her personal history is so messed up that if she goes down in flames, no one is going to miss her.

    She is quite a sad individual.

    OH and the group that so kindly provided her 'jihad jane' pics for the media, is the same outlet that gets Adam Gadhan videos for release.

    I am going to add another link to demonstrate that.

  4. I just want to wander back to Joe Stack for a minute here, I know, I know opening a can of worms.

    But, this is one clue, that this is a complete psychological operation.
    The media is singing from the same choir book.
    They are delivering a unified message.

    terrorists are anywhere and everywhere in america, they can be blonde with green eyes, middle aged, they are your neighbour, you can never know, trust no one.

    -she shows the new trend in terrorism
    -jihad jane from main street
    -america confronts it's worst nightmare- blond Jihad Jane

    Christian Science Monitor is even linking her to Alquaeda with this headline
    'Jihad Jane': How does Al Qaeda recruit US-born women?
    Jihad Jane: American blonde accused of terror plot

    Plus the ones I have in my post.
    and one can find 100's more

    I mean the whole story is so bogus

  5. I think its insulting and humiliating that they can make the public believe this nonsense. I think that is the true purpose - psychological destruction through humiliation. Lots of people will be forcing themselves to believe this and probably get real brain injuries as a result as explained (wait for it Penny) "Political Ponerology"

    Don't worry about the price of this book, its nothing compared to the effort you will spend in reading it. I had to read it three times.

  6. The NWO is psychological more than anything else. I bet this woman is an actor living someplace remote and being paid by gov to go along with this. Thats just my opinion, it doesn't come from Political Ponerology or anything. It seems to me it would be cheaper and safer to fake it - (thats also why I think the moon landing was faked).

  7. ah, you have read it have you doug!
    I have the links bookmarked that james left, I have to ponder this one because if it worth buying I will spend the money to have the actual book.

    I have just ordered Ellen Browns book
    web of debt and the one that ramblin man recommended. By John Taylor Gotto.

    Plus, I have already paid for Kevin annetts book and movie, so I got to watch how much more $$$ I am spending on books at least for a little while.

    I hate to think of the day we move, OMG and OM achin back!

    The public can chose to believe this or not, and god I hope they don't.

  8. I read that book years ago, before you had your blog. I was talking about it on groups - thats propably where you heard about it first 8-)

    I lent it out about 4 years ago, didn't get it back. I'd like to read it again, but I'm reading Ellul's Technological Society followed by Wells History of the World (yes I have real copies of this two volume set- pages are cut unevenly and everything). So cool.

    You should grab a copy of Platos Republic edited by Francis Cornford if you can- find it in a used book store when you are in TO.

  9. LaROSE!

    Another of the chosen, just like Gahdahn, playing alqaeda.

  10. What a joke indeed. It's not even very convincing, the least they could have done is taken a picture of a sneering woman in a camo tank top with a belt of bullets over her shoulder . . .

    The joke is, unfortunately, taken seriously by many. And those who don't, go along with the charade because its easier that way.

    This society is so weak and meek and easily cowed, I sometimes wonder if we have become invertebrates.