Friday, March 12, 2010

Jihad Jane's psy-op odyssey: Act 2 -Scene 1

So in yesterdays post, I went through a bunch of info on the latest intelligence creation "jihad jane".
I even took out my crystal ball and foretold the future. Keeping in mind that there always has to be a plan A and a plan B. Always got to have back up in case one plan falls through.

So here was my first prognostication
"She 'cooperates' with authorities and get's a whole new life."
I know after you read the latest you will all amazed at my 'seerdom', or my 'seeriness', whichever?

Jihad Jane Could Provide Valuable Info

"Could Colleen LaRose be a perfect candidate to turn state’s evidence"

"LaRose has options after being in federal custody for five months.

"One guess is there has been some attempt made to either investigate her mental health issues or pursue a line of cooperation."( or work on a psy-op? Take lots of pictures for Site Intelligence group?)

"Speculation is swirling about why LaRose was jailed for months before she was indicted and why she agreed to be detained." (I mentioned this in yesterday's post, why would she agree to this, unless she already had a deal or was making one?)

"Court documents obtained by Fox 29 News show LaRose agreed to pre-trial detention on October 23, 2009. She waived her right to be indicted within 30 days"
(Again, why would she agree to this, to be detained without indictment?)

"And that(facing a life sentence) should be incentive enough for her to cut a deal with the FBI." (based on a total lack of evidence, that isn't likely)

In my opinion, she already has a deal. And she had it long ago. Prior to her arrest, when she started her on line charade.
Theatre, my friends, theatre.


  1. I guess what they say about America being broke is true as it seems that the US Gov. can't even afford good script writers anymore.

  2. come on silv, don't you like the line
    about how she has options.

    "LaRose has options after being in federal custody for five months."

    that made me lol!

  3. does she have some clown pants....?

  4. she has options, clown pants and god knows what else