Saturday, March 13, 2010

MacKenzie Phillips changes her story.

I rarely do entertainment news, unless it relates to our militarily connected crew that originated from Laurel Canyon.

So imagine my non-surprise after MacKenzie Phillips sordid book made all the headlines to read this bit of news today.
Wait for it.....
MacKenzie Phillips changes her story- she now claims the sex was non-consensual, with Poppa John.
Apologies ahead of time for foul language usage but this whole book release and story was a lot of bullshit. There I said it!

I would think that a person who was really being abused would realize that this type of relationship cannot be construed as 'consensual' in any way, shape or form!

But, in just six months she has gone from the sensationalism of consensual sex to the realization of the sex being non consensual.

Quick, get her on Oprah!

So, in six months, will she change her story again, and admit there was no sex with Poppa John Phillips?
With the excuse being it was all just the result of her drugged up ways.
I wouldn't doubt it. Because the intitial release and over the top coverage just felt like a distraction.
Gosh, I am so sorry for being such a no-talent headcase!
Give it up MacKenzie, give it up already!


  1. Hey Penn Now Yer talking News. I mean this is for really Goot stuff. The Crack hoe MacKenzie runs short on cash, friends and a life and decides to make a buck the only way she has ever been able to do, namely by peddling her sorry ass, be it to Poppa or anyone else that happened to POP by.

    Then I guess she figures what the hell that worked out pretty good so why not put a reverse spin on this puppy and milk it some more and show the world that she's not really the skank she made herself out to be in round one.

    Oh Yeah and the spinning wheel goes round and round. I can't wait for the next installment" My secret life with the family Pooch" otherwise known as "the Dog Days of Rock"

    Thats it Mackenzie drag everyone around you down into that drug addled shithole you call a life and git yerself back onto the train wreck called Reality According to OPRAH. You've got as much chance at selling this one as that fat pig has of staying on a diet.

  2. Ahhh, Laurel Canyon gliterati.
    Here are some pics of a young Mackenzie along with father John in NYC during the 1970's. What strikes me is how conservative she (MacKenzie) is dressed. Look at the so-called "friend" sitting besides her. This friend is dressed like the gliterati of the period, but Mackenzie is dressed waaay down, almost like the way my mother dressed during that period. What gives there?

    Laurel Canyon alumni
    LC Alum
    Pappa John

  3. Sorry about that first link. My puter is acting strangely.
    is tht pic with the "friend".

  4. well as nobody would say, I am glad you grooved on that story silv!

    Peter, in the picture, MacKenzie would have been how old?
    She looks pretty young?

  5. ***Laura Mackenzie Phillips
    November 10, 1959 (1959-11-10)***
    That according to Wikipedia.
    These pics were taken, I believe, 1975. So, doing the math, it looks like she was 16?

  6. Thanks for the links, Peter.
    I can't see Warren's hands. Any ideas where they might be?

  7. lol @ james
    Dave McGowan's LC Series mentions Warren alot along with Pappa John Phillips. Interesting to see how close they were here in the 1970's just like they were close during the 1960's in the LC Series. He, McGowan, also mentions Michelle Phillips as being passed around. She is luminously beautiful. I feel sorry for Michelle for being passed around.Warren & Pappa John both outta that huge Naval facility in Norfolk, Va. Looking at them, all I see is the Military Industrial complex pullng their strings.
    But back to Mackensie and her frumpy outfit(looks like it's an off the rack JC Penny polyester creation). Compared to Michele's obvious haute coutre gown, I am left confused. Correct me if I am wrong, usually girls of 16 are more aware of fashion and glamour. Why is MacKensie so frumpy?Maybe Mackensie had spent her early teen years cloistered in some Swiss boarding school, who knows?

  8. Maybe it's the way her mother dressed her, Peter.
    I had the same problem!

  9. James?
    I am not sure where to go with that remark.
    My first impression is arrested development. Am I close?

  10. It was just a joke, Peter. Or, at least, a line from an old joke!
    Though I was being mostly serious about McKenzie's attire in that maybe her mother was jealous of her and so 'dressed her down', as it were.

  11. Perhaps I am a little late with this comment but I must say that she NEVER changed her story. She spoke from the very beginning about waking up from a blackout to discover herself "having sex with her own
    father". You see? It was ALWAYS rape. She was using the wrong words previously because she felt it couldn't be rape if she wasn't actively fighting him off. A person who is being abused does NOT always know what consent is. You think wrong, and clearly have no knowledge or experience with abuse. Don't look now, but your ignorance is showing.

    1. Sorry, she changed her story, from consensual to rape
      All the semantics aside, that is what she said
      I am of the opinion, that Mackenzie Phillips has a great many issues
      And sure not air them publicly in such a titillating fashion
      My ignorance is showing?
      Perhaps you naivete is showing
      I am quite sure all this helped to sell books
      And of course Papa John is dead