Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Perversion Files - Boyscout Pedophiles

A trial opened this week that threatens to tear the facade off of a supposed well loved organization, The Boy Scouts of America.

Like so many organizations, governmental, religious, educational that purport themselves to be beneficial to children, the Scouts seem to be just another group, artificially placing themselves in positions of authority in the lives of children, and using that authority to abuse trusting youth.

The case, expected to attract national attention, centers on a Portland man, Timur Dykes, who confessed to Scout leaders that he had molested 17 Scouts but was allowed to continue joining boys in Scouting activities.

So despite confessing to molesting 17 Scouts, he was still allowed to join in on activities?
Seems as if the Scouts condoned this behaviour? Certainly they did nothing to stop it as you will read below. Interesting to note, that another church/religion is in the picture-Mormons

In January 1983, the mother of a Scout who said he had been molested by Dykes went to Gordon McEwen, a Mormon bishop who headed the local Scouting program, Clark said. McEwen confronted Dykes, who confessed to abusing 17 Scouts.

Nonetheless, Dykes was allowed to continue to spend time with the boys in the program, Clark said. McEwen contacted the parents of the 17 Scouts but "did nothing to warn the other parents of boys within Timur Dykes' reach and grasp," Clark said.
In the bigger picture and this is where we get to the perversion files...

On a broader scale, the case is one of the first to bring into open court hundreds of confidential files that the 100-year-old organization kept on Scout leaders and others suspected of sexually abusing boys. Though the Scouts, based in Texas, have been sued dozens of times over allegations of sexual abuse, most cases have been settled out of court, keeping files from becoming public.
Well, isn't that convenient, settling out of court and keeping the public out of the know!

The Scouts, Clark said in opening statements, knew it had pedophiles in its organization yet allowed Dykes and others to continue to associate with its members. He held up file folder after file folder from Boy Scout headquarters that he said proves the organization knew of at least 1,000 suspected child molesters from 1965 to 1985.

Regarding the defendant:

"All of the parents trusted Timur Dykes because he was a Scout leader," Clark said.

Here is another one: Nelson Wyer
Wyer confessed to touching a fully clothed 6-year-old girl in the vaginal area while both were at Burghill Baptist Church on May 9, 2009. In December 2008, Wyer touched a 9-year-old Boy Scout in skin-to-skin fashion at a sleepover
And another David J. Menna
He was charged Sept. 21, 2007, with two counts of lewd molestation, and practicing medecine without a licence. His charges stem from a camp out that involved children from the Young Marines and Boy Scouts. A camp out organized by David J Menna


  1. weird huh. Maybe this Dykes is like a cross gendered lesbian or sumthin, wantin yuh throw the pork tuh young boys an all.

  2. I think this sort of thing will always happen within any organization that is shaped around management or education of children. There is nothing that can really be done to actually stop it.

    It seems to me that a pedophile would naturally involve him or herself in organizations that are involved in the interaction with children.

    The only thing that could stop it is to educate and empower the children to stop it, therein lies another danger because children themselves have become so dumbed down that these abilities could turn into a weapon, as it often does with women.( a large number of reported harassments turn out to be false and the weapon of a woman scorned or unable to deal with the ultimate tragedy of any relationship - that it will end) There can be no statistics on this.

    I think its a sad reality that has to be accepted in that anything done to stop it would have a higher price - ie a more watchful state.

    When we state a problem like this we are really looking for a State solution, which would be worse than the problem itself.

  3. Silverfish, I know, I know the name is unusual ;)

    Maggie: thanks for that heads up!
    Oh and thumbs up to you!

  4. Doug:
    you have touched on a number of key points-

    After I posted this, I thought, given the amount of children around teachers vs all the years of schooling the numbers of reported incidents was likely lower then with the churches and with the boy scouts.

    And yes, I would agree pedophiles would ingratiate themselves into situtations where children are present and available.

    But, to be sure to say, not all people that get involved with children are that way.In fact it is quite likely a small percentage.
    there are truly decent people.

    "The only thing that could stop it is to educate and empower the children to stop it"

    But, children have been condition to not challenge authority.
    There is the problem, right there!
    And alot of that stems right from the parents.
    Go to church, respect the priest.
    Sign up for scouts.
    They put their children unwittingly into these situations because they do not question the authority of these people.
    And they assume, because they have postions of authority or influence, or 'respect' that it is ok to have their kids in the charges of these predators.

    "I think its a sad reality that has to be accepted in that anything done to stop it would have a higher price - ie a more watchful state."

    That is what we are trained to think, oh, we need more police, more supervisors, more cameras.

    NO we don't, we need more thinking, more common sense and a willingness ourselves to challenge those that have been placed and that we place in postions of authority.

    In other words, the solution is more independance, not more dependance.

  5. One thing that was amazing to me, is the lack of media coverage on this story vs the catholic church.

    Granted the Church is a bigger institution, but the Boy Scouts are no small potatoes and doesn't anyone wonder why it is the boy scouts sat on their perversion file and did not report their pedophiles to the police??

    Odd, but considering the pedophocracy, not really so odd.