Saturday, March 20, 2010

Transgenic Trout- six pack abs and muscular shoulders

More fish, for a lower cost. And according to the mutator in charge "they're happy fish"
I guess he asked them, right?

Researchers have developed transgenic rainbow trout with enhanced muscle growth.
The development could provide a boost to the commercial aquaculture industry.

Bradley and a team of graduate students spent 500 hours injecting 20,000 rainbow trout eggs with various DNA types designed to inhibit myostatin.
Of the eggs that hatched, 300 carried the gene that led to increased muscle growth. After two years, most exhibited a “six-pack ab” effect, even though fish lack standard abdominal muscles. They also had increased musculature throughout, including a prominent dorsal hump that made them look like they had muscular shoulders.
Read more here and there is a video here
My comment: People are not asking for these monstrosities to be created, this is being done for the factory farming industry. It is not being done for your good health, or your well being, it is undertaken for profits, massive profits at minimal cost.
Taken further when people start mutating, it is going to be ugly. Is that what it is going to take?


  1. And some people wonder why I got out of the business when I did. Penn some of the things that I could tell you about the bio field would curl your hair.

  2. I wonder if one of those DNA types they experimented with was human ?

    If so I wonder how they got it.

    There is no limit to what they will do in worshipping their god of efficiency and knowledge. This is sort of what the bible meant in eating from the tree of knowledge. The book Frankenstein that I am reading is eluding to the same thing.

  3. Thats it Dougie, bring in the biggest book of BULLSHIT yet, the Bible. I wouldn't wipe my ass with the best part of it simply because there is already so much shit on it, it don't wipe worth a damn.

    Shelly must be just rolling in her grave that you would reference her work of FICTION. But oh wait you already referenced another work of COMPLETE FICTION the BIBLE. So I guess we all know where your head is at.

  4. silverfish, you are going to have to tell me some of these horror stories, I am starting to think I am so cynical nothing could surprise me anymore

  5. Eating from the tree of knowledge and I am assuming in Frankenstein, the sort of double edge that comes with knowledge.

    Applied to the monstrosity of the transgenic trout, just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

    But, it doesn't seem people get that.
    At least not yet...