Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jihad jane & the Waterford detainees update

Of the last three that were being held, one more was released without charge.

The remaining two were charged with what are being called minor charges.

-Ali Charaf Damache, 44, an Algerian believed by Ms. Paulin-Ramirez's family to be her husband, was charged with sending menacing phone calls to an unknown person, after being held since last Tuesday.

-The second man, Abdul Salam Monsour Khalil Aljahani, a 32-year-old Libyan, breached immigration law by failing to produce a passport.

Both men will remain in police custody until Friday.

Abdul Salam Monsour Khalil Aljahani will produce his passsport, and that breach of immigration law will go away. As for the other charge, laughable.

From an oh me, oh my - the sky is falling, like chicken little, much ado about nothing.
Don't miss Jihad Janes indictment-linked at the bottom here.
Nice psychological operation.


  1. Truly shocking developments, Penny.

    5 months and lord knows how much taxpayer money and they get two minor charges.

    Oh, and a week's work of fear-mongering.

    Can't wait for phase 2 of this Pentagon psyop, the unveiling of 'Al-Qaeda in America'.

  2. hey scott, when I read your first line
    "truly shocking developments"
    I laughed!

    Yup 5 months and that is it!
    Except for 1 week of fabulous fear mongering, which I think was the point of this whole fiasco.

    If I take away one thing from this psy-op, like the underwear bomber, the devil is in the details.

    And not enough people are paying attention to the details, that is how the ptb's get away with this crap!

  3. Speaking of details, I think it's worth keeping in mind that JJ was 'tracked' and 'turned in' by civilians - the self-appointed YouTube terrorist busters over at The Jawa Report.

    Raimondo's article on JJ at antiwar.com touches on the Jawa involvement, and he refers to Jawa as 'their apparent source'.

    I've perused their site, and this Jawa angle is a fairly deep rabbit hole of the JJ case.

    -I know you like links, here's the Jawa guy's take:


    ...and the Raimondo article:


  4. Scott and James!

    I like links, I admit it, guilty as charged. but, they give me and everyone here a reference so they are great to have.

    and very interesting....
    from the antiwar link

    ""The Jawa Report" – a blog linked to wacko extremists like Robert Spencer, the Islam-hating polemicist, and the frothy-mouthed Pamela Geller, whose associations with European fascists have been amply documented by Charles Johnson.

    Pamela Geller is a complete fanatical wack-job!
    Am I name calling, no, not at all.
    I am aptly describing her.
    That jawa report thing, with it's fudged up photos is fantastical,
    but back to Pamela dn possibly Robert Spencer.

    Along time ago, in a land far, far away...
    ok, not actually but, here on this very blog.
    Pamela Geller and her ilk showed up under the name "muslims against sharia"
    I will link to the old posts, Pamela is IMO one of the frothy-mouthed nutjobs, that showed up, pretending to be muslims.

    Then a detective showed up here, looking for them, sadly he actually thought they were muslims,
    little did he know they were psy-ops stooges of the worst kind.
    I won't link when the detective came into play, but, these idiots, pamela and her loser friends disappeared shortly thereafter.

    anyway, if you have a fair bit of time.... and can stand bad language?







  5. well, isn't that interesting, rechecking through all those posts, and all the nasty, nasty 'muslims against sharia' responses are gone!

    what the hell!!!!???

    How is that possible?

    But, hang on, I think I have some saved for posterity james and scott.
    Enough to give you a very good idea of the ilk we are talking about.

    This is pamela and her friends in action:

    "Muslims Against Sharia said...
    Hey, dumb cocksucker, you name says it all.

    July 16, 2008 7:36 PM

    Muslims Against Sharia said...
    Another anti-Semitic cocksucker? What a surprise! There is nothing wrong with being Jewish, you dumb nazi fuck.

    July 16, 2008 11:05 PM

    Muslims Against Sharia said...
    Hey Penny, how does it feel to be admired by a nazi cunt?

    If you are so fucking stupid that you don't know that you cannot block the IP, let me give you a hand. You can always delete the comment.

    I have more, as I saved a bunch of them, I don't know why,but seeing as there responses appear to have been scrubbed clean??? I am glad I did.

    Hopefully nobody jumps in here as he had great fun with these idiots.

    Really weird though about them being gone

  6. Wow, they actually came after your blog. That's wild.

    Comments being flushed down the memory hole is definitely weird. I'm not familiar with Blogger software, but you can't do that on Wordpress - i.e. delete your comments on others' blogs, only the blog admin can.

    The Jawa site had my bovine excrement meter flashing red, but Geller's site? It's beyond absurd.

    It's like a little anti-muslim cottage industry, and they're cooperating with the Feds(!). Likely part and parcel of the Pentagon's desire for 'Full Spectrum Dominance', and its declaration to 'Fight the Net'.

    What a tangled web.

  7. As you can see my Blogger competence is clearly lacking. Poking around in the software, and accidentally changed my name!

  8. hey scott;

    "Comments being flushed down the memory hole is definitely weird."

    yeah it is pretty weird to me also.

    There were a few I did get rid of because the language was so bad, but, I left alot of them so others could see exactly what these posers were about.

    I noticed not just the comments are gone, but the total number of comments recorded has decreased also.
    It matches what is left once everything has been removed, so it is really as if they were never there.