Monday, April 5, 2010

About the infamous Dave McGowan ???

One more thing, a brief Dave McGowan update! Got to hear Dave on Meria's show last week
He is moving abodes.
So, there will be a little longer delay in the trip back to Laurel Canyon.
He did promise, He will return....

updated to add this odd news story he shared

Apollo 11 excrement claimed as historic by California

I gotta admit, that is the first time I have seen historic and excrement in the same headline?

Don't worry; the state of California didn't attempt to annex the significant satellite. International law apparently discourages such shenanigans. However, they carefully targeted items like the base of Tranquility Base's lunar launcher, space boots, and bags of excrement as state treasures. (Sacks of sewage? Really? And before "Dunston Checks In" got the designation? For shame.)

Apparently, the commission is concerned that nosy foreign governments and space tourists will stomp all over the site and are getting out ahead of the problem a hundred years or so before any trouble might start. Florida, New Mexico, Alabama, and Texas seemingly will join in on this effort as well, though no timetable is available.

Bags of excrement as state treasures? That must be some 'really good shit' !


  1. This Dave Mcgowan... looks like good stuff! Where did he go?

  2. Hey anarchore, he has some really good work!

    I have the first six chapters of his programmed to kill book linked at the side, then his laurel canyon stuff has been really good too!
    And I have said many times here, his programmed to kill book, the entire book is really good.

    He got sidetracked on a trip to the moon, as he says, with his waggin' the moondoggie.

    I am going to post a story he shared on the Meria show, kind of funny