Friday, April 9, 2010

Apartheid & Ethnic Cleansing - Shared History of Canada, Israel and the US

I have two items I wish to address.

Last week YaYa had posted this at her place. Anarchore picked it up and ran with it, after I mentioned it. Me, I will carry the ball a little further.

Canada Post is issuing a 'friendship' stamp. 60 years of joint friendship between Canada and Israel. What better way to express six decades of friendship between Israel and Canada than this official first day cover affixed with stamp issues from each country?

I figure it is part and parcel of the agenda Israel has to 'rebrand' it's deplorable image and apparently Canada is eager to help.

YaYa had the reality version of this postage stamp. Check it out.

If you happen to actually think the two countries don't share a history of apartheid, take the time to watch this documentary- Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide

Then there is the USA. The country, along with Canada that ethnically cleansed the native population in the past..helps to this day to continue the tradition.

Becoming Gods: Ethnically Cleansing the Palestinians

Ethnic Cleansing = Genocide


  1. Hey Penny,

    here just came in, a interview of Dieudonné from the iranian TV. It's quite good and it allows you english speakers to get to know this true heroe of the anti-zionist movement

  2. thanks gallier, gonna check it out!

  3. I see that it's okay for Israel to have nuclear weapons. But not terrorists. I also see that Israel has not signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty.

    Doesn't the US invade countries with weapons of mass destruction?

  4. Hey Jim

    israel has long had a massive nuclear arsenal, not just a few weapons, but 100's and 100's.
    The US keeps it very quiet because they are subsidizing quite heavily a rogue nuclear power, which breaches some law they have in place.
    The name escapes me at this moment.

    "Doesn't the US invade countries with weapons of mass destruction?"

    They invade countries without wmd's, such as Iraq.Iran.

    They tell the populace they have to do it because the country has wmd's. However, if they did the US and it's allies would not invade.
    eg: North Korea

    You may find this interesting

    The US is fully aware of Israel's nuclear arsenal and has been for a long, long time